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Archived WhatsApp chats will now remain in the dark, where they belong

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I am pretty sure I am preaching to the choir here but anyway over the last day or so I have noticed that WhatsApp archived chats are no longer popping up in my inbox even if a new message comes in. This is something that I didn’t pay too much mind to until I started paying attention to the shift that happened in a recent update that moved Archived chats to a tab at the top of my WhatsApp.

Well, it looks like WhatsApp has made it so that chats that are sent to the archive folder will now remain there even if you get a new message from that chat or group.

There must a few out there who are rejoicing that they no longer have to see some chats in your inbox. However, unless you’ve blocked whomever you are trying to avoid if they call you the phone will ring. For anyone who might not like this new arrangement, you can restore the Archive folder to what it was before by going to:

  1. In chats tab, tap “More Options”  > Settings
  2. Select chats
  3. Choose turn off Keep Chats Archived

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4 thoughts on “Archived WhatsApp chats will now remain in the dark, where they belong

  1. Ah, at last. We can now have our own private chats put in the dark. We were tired of being the butt of ridicule by the GB, FM, AERO, FP WhatsApp Mod clique.

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