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Delinq, the latest entry into the Zim online job marketplace

Delinq, Chriswell Mashaka

I don’t remember who coined the phrase “the new normal” but whomever that was they are very wise indeed. Even though data prices are speeding away from the average income, the need for online services grows by the day. We have seen this with the deluge of new online services like e-commerce sites, real estate listing services and job marketplaces. And today there is yet another local entry into that space with Delinq, a job/employment marketplace.

The story of Delinq is an interesting one because the founder of the platform is an A-Level student called Chriswell Mashaka. He started the endeavour to tackle the unemployment issue that has plagued Zimbabwe for as long as anyone can remember. The site offers companies and job seekers alike the opportunity to find the right fit for either party.

“Delinq avails equal opportunities to everyone hence reducing inequalities. It is centred on adding value to Zimbabwean communities and improving the lives of everyday Zimbabwe. In general, it makes individual service providers and companies easily accessible. On the platform, customers search for services they require from location of choice which also means in emergency scenarios they can access services closest to them.”

Chriswell Mashaka

How to get started on Delinq

Getting started as much the same as any other site. You’ll need to enter your details on the registration page or you can sign up using your Google credentials. After that you’ll then land on your profile which is both for companies and individuals.

To create a listing you’ll need to pay a subscription fee. For Individuals its US$3.00 for the registration and US$2.00 per month. Companies will pay US$5.00 for their registration and US$3.00 per month. There are no further fees after that and Payment options include  Telecash, EcoCash, Onemoney, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

You can check out Delinq for yourself with the link here

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