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Medical services have not been left behind in the rush to digital that has been brought on by the COVID -19 pandemic. Just this week we saw Cassava Smartech’s Maisha Health launch medical insurance registration via USSD to add on to the medical tips and advice the service was already offering. In line with this there is a new service that has come up called Doc Online that looking to offer medical assistance via WhatsApp.

Since we are in another lockdown and health care facilities are stressed, Doc Online wants to connect patients with health care professionals through WhatsApp. Additionally the platform is a learning tool for providing health care information to the general population to help make better healthcare decisions.

Getting started is pretty simple. All you need to do is to send Hi or Hello to +263 71 736 2495 and you’ll the two options:

  1. Ask a real Doctor
  2. Get health tips and advice

If you select option 1, you’ll then option of categories covered by the app ranging from maternal health to sexual infections and diseases. Selecting any one of the option will the log a consultation with a doctor or medical professions who will then contact you.

“Your consultation request was sent successfully. Please wait! You will get a message from a doctor soon”

Option 2 on Doc Online give you advice and tip for:

1 General health and fitness
2 Adult health (Internal Medicine and Surgery)
3 Child Health
4 Reproductive (Gynecology)
5 Maternal (Pregnancy)
6 Psychiatry (Mental illness)
7 Sexual diaseses and infections

As far as I can tell there are no fees attached on Doc Online. All in all its good to see more services come online, especially on WhatsApp which is the most widely used application in the country. If there was one thing that I could add to Doc Online it ould be COVID support or vaccination centre locations.

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  1. Isaac Machakata

    Sent Doc a message yesterday at around half 1 – no response yet

    1. Vakomana ve drip

      😂😂😂😂 Munozvimbirwa ne Zimbabwe iyi

  2. Zwelihle Moyo
  3. Zwelihle

    I have got my Auntie lost her Memory just want to what to do more information about it please

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