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Maud Chifamba: UZ’s youngest ever student at 14, now a Chartered Account

Maud Chifamba

In 2012 and at the very young age of 14, Maud Chifamba became the youngest ever University of Zimbabwe Student and tertiary education student in Southern Africa. I recently got the opportunity to have a chat with her to talk about her journey and experiences.

You can download or play the podcast with the link below. Alternatively, you can send the word “Podcast” on WhatsApp to 0717 684 274 for a copy.

You can listen to Technikari with Maud Chifamba on these podcast sites & apps

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Former member of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s MPC Eddie Cross joined us to talk the state of the Economy. The differences in policy from Zimbabwe to Rhodesia as well as if SI 127 still applies to businesses trading out side the forex auction.

Eddie Cross: I’m excited about the Zim economy

Africa’s first Kyokushin World Champion Shihan Samson Muripo has a documentary about his life now airing at Yakontent. We recently had the opportunity to talk to the man himself about the production and his extraordinary life.

Africa’s 1st karate world champion now has a docuseries & here’s more about it from the man himself

ZIMRA recently gave a grace period for the importation of cars that are 10 years or older. Now, this comes after the ban the govt instituted in April 2021 which leads us to believe it’s all about the revenue dip ZIMRA was experiencing on its end.

Extending 10-year-old car imports after “the ban” is all about the money

Zimbabwe’s Cannabis grower’s licence is priced way too high and this is keeping the country from a rapidly expanding and lucrative industry.

The cannabis growers licence fee is keeping Zim from a billion-dollar industry

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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  1. What has she done to solve the country’s problems? Considering the fact that she probably has a high IQ. I don’t like praising people for nothing

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