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Standard Chartered launches US$1000 Youth Startup Challenge

Standard Chartered, youth startup challenge

Standard Chartered Zimbabwe has launched a new community project to support the youth in Zimbabwe recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The programme is part of Futuremakers by Standard Chartered, the Bank’s global initiative to tackle inequality by promoting economic inclusion for young people for disadvantaged young people across its markets, including those affected by COVID-19.

Delivered by BOOST Fellowship with funding from the Standard Chartered Foundation, the project aims to support young people between 18 and 25 who are struggling to find work or start a business in today’s challenging economic environment. It will provide them with employability and entrepreneurship skills training, as well as mentoring and business support.

“The global COVID-19 pandemic is impacting individuals, businesses and communities throughout our markets. Young people have been hit hard with dramatically fewer work and training opportunities available, and an uncertain future ahead. We are thrilled that Enactus Zimbabwe will be delivering this Futuremakers project to support young people in our communities.”

Ralph Watungwa, Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe CEO

The Executive Director for BOOST Fellowship, Ms Cleopatra Makoni said that young people globally and intensely our Zimbabwean youth have not been spared by the adverse effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. From missing classes, delayed career progression and reduced to nil availability of opportunities to develop the crucial skills required to enable them to get a good job, ideate and start a meaningful business and improve their respective communities. She said the organisation is pleased to be able to support young people in need through this Futuremakers project.

You can register by clicking this link to participate in the project or obtain a physical registration form from the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation offices near you. 10 winners of the Startup Challenge will be awarded seed funding of USD1000.00 each plus business incubation, scaling up and mentorship.

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6 thoughts on “Standard Chartered launches US$1000 Youth Startup Challenge

  1. Hi thank you for the initiative it is a noble idea that will help evacuate the youths from drug abuse thank you, am also interested.

  2. Bravo …..what a golden opportunity for the youth to take ahold is very timely and neccessarily required at this moment.lm participating.

  3. Inini hangu guys I’m almost fed up nezvinhu zvese zvemuzimbabwe zvekuti ipapa I’m hesitant to go coz ndakutotya kuwedzera imwe disappointment I’m my life. That’s life of course but initiative iyoyi will be politicized to the extent that isu vana fombo we ain’t gonna get anywhere near qualifying. Don’t qoute me wrong I’m not blaming the whole world for my misfortune, I’m just another fed up Zimbo. Ini handisikuda 1000 yuwesi I just need 155 yuwesi so that i start my broiler chicken business and go to school(varsity of course). I’m tired of hearing people say chikoro hachishande, hama I wanna see for myself ndava nedegree in engineering! I’m a man aged 21 and I reside in Harare. My O Levels were like English A, Maths A, Integrated Science A, Physical Science A, Biology B, Accounts A, Shona B, Geography A, Computing B, History A and my A Level were like Pure Maths A, Physics C, Computer Science B, Chemistry D.
    I just need 155usd to start my broiler chicken business and send myself to varsity(UZ/HIT). I wanna do Software Engineering or Acturial Science. Please get in touch with me on 0734336919 for more if you can help. I’m tired but i wanna go for gold. Thank you techzim but I’m also sorry if I’m using your platform wrongly.

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