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23 thoughts on “Here’s how much your bank charges for all ZWL$ account transactions & services

  1. Wow, thanks guys. I have been requesting for this and you finally answered. Keep it up. Standard Chartered should fear God! That bank maintenance charge compared to competitors is ridiculous.

  2. Stanbic OTC withdrawal is 3%, whilst ATM is 2.5%. On their website, they habitually do not update their tariff schedules, only updating the new tariffs notice. I think they do it intentionally. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Then expect the country to progress from 4th world to first world? With these leaches firmly stuck into our flesh?

    Banks should profit from interest income. That’s how economies grow, when you lend to inspire production, not this free meal mentality of ZPF and their co-hots all competing to fleece citizens.

  4. Now we need an article on service delivery. This one am sure will unearth a lot of rot, especially NMB Bulawayo Branch I surrend. They have only one branch in BYO and yet only 2 tellers will be working . Lord help us

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