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TelOne internet package prices are going up month-end

TelOne Telephone-Exchange, package prices

State-owned telecommunications company TelOne has announced that it is increasing its package prices from the 29 of September 2021. This price increase follows a month after TelOne’s close competitor ZOL announced that it would be revising prices for its packages in local currency.

TelOne internet packages as of 22/02/2022

The new prices are as follows:

TelOne residential broadband package prices

PackageDownload CapUS$ZWL$ Old PriceZWL$ New Price
Home Basic10 GB12.001 082.001 499.00
Home Basic Night20 GB16.001 407.001 949.00
Home Extra15 GB14.001 190.001 649.00
Home Plus30 GB22.001 840.002 548.00
Home Plus Night60 GB28.002 381.003 298.00
Home Premier60 GB37.003 139.004 347.00
Home Premier Night120 GB48.004 004.005 546.00
Home Boost200 GB54.004 545.006 295.00
Infinity Pro500 GB79.006 602.009 143.00
IntenseUncapped (FUP)107.008 983.0012 441.00

New SME broadband packages prices

PackageDownload SpeedDownload CapUS$Old ZWL$ PriceNew ZWL$ Price
Infinity Supreme20 MbpsUncapped* (FUP)134.0011 255.0015 588.00
Intense Extra50 MbpsUncapped* (FUP)180.0015 043.0020 835.00

New TelOne Blaze LTE packages prices

PackageDownload CapUS$Old ZWL$ PriceNew ZWL$ Price
Blaze Lite8GB11.00974.001 349.00
Blaze Xtra15GB18.001,515.002 098.00
Blaze Boost20GB18.001,948.002 698.00
Blaze Ultra40GB29.003,129.004 347.00
Blaze Trailblazer100GB44.004,762.006 595.00
Blaze SupernovaUncapped* (FUP)87.009,416.0013 041.00


Public Wifi

PackageUS$Old ZWL$ PriceNew ZWL$ Price
Internet Cafe1.00108.00150.00

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12 thoughts on “TelOne internet package prices are going up month-end

  1. The other time they raised their prices I was fortunate enough to buy a voucher in Pick N Pay at the old price coz they were still some old vouchers in stock stillnot yet bought..

  2. But why is their rate 125?, isn’t it supposed to be the official bank rate?, not only are we Zimbabweans having to pay more than triple what momother’s other countries pay for internet service, but we also have to deal with extremely slow speeds and corrupt prices

    1. Please advise when we can expect internet service installed,we keep being told here in Pumula that there is no service at the moment

  3. I made a mistake on my purchase I bought home premier instead of home boost is it possible to top up the amount difference and get home boost instead

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