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8 thoughts on “WhatsApp messages are still secure, why the misleading coverage?

  1. Imimi ndimi vamwe vacho vakanyora nyaya iyoyo. So idotiudza kuti ngei muchidaro, munongosvetuka svetuka samatatya. Kana makuzonzi munongoita copy and paste, moona kunge mapersonari. Don’t feed people with poison first, because by the time you do rectifications the damage will have been done.

    1. Hahahaha, matiwanzira, but it’s fair I guess. But even in the first article, it was made clear that it is only after a message is reported / flagged that WhatsApp moderators can see it. But I get your point.

  2. You keep emphasing that WhatsApp Inc reads your secure message. How far true is that?? Because if they receive a report/spam on a message it means that conversation is between WhatsApp and the reporter. The original sender of the message is nolonger part of that message

    1. Yes. You are correct. The point is that an end to end encrypted message between two people does not mean no third person will ever see it. The recipient can share it with someone else including WhatsApp moderators. That’s the inherent weakness in communication.

      1. Yeah plus another thing is if you do a cloud backup of your chats they are not end to end encrypted so it may be better to say Apple or Google have a window of opportunity to read your messages with little effort.

      2. Pafeya if you’re in Zimbabwe & your WhatsApp is just zvihuta jokes, kkkkks & hahahas why would you be worried? Unless you are into really incriminating things such as treason or high level fraud

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