ZESA serious about drones; parastatal tours another local startup

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Earlier today we reported on a ZESA delegation that got a tour of Precision Aerial‘s facility and was given the outline of the startup’s services. It looks like just after that presentation, ZESA and their Rwandan counterparts paid a visit to Drone Solutions Academy (DSA), another local player in the unmanned aerial systems space.

Drone Solutions Academy is a company I hadn’t learned of until very recently. They, like Precision Aerial, offer drones of various makes and modes as well as training for those who want to become drone pilots. DSA is also certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) to train pilots in multirotor and fixed-wing platforms for both VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight).

Yesterday DSA got the chance to flex its own drone capabilities to ZESA and Rwanda Energy Group. It looks like we have to give ZESA another round of applause. The state-owned power utility is really making a push to optimise its operations with the use of newer technologies.

In addition, ZESA went to yet another local startup to compare and contrast services. This is fantastic because the power utility appears to have a comprehensive understanding of the space locally.

For Drone Academy Solutions and Precision Aerial, this is a win-win. What I mean by this is that they were both able to show off to a government agency and its foreign counterpart. This will most certainly force both to try and outdo each other and that’s great for the market because they will both keep pushing each other to innovate further. All in all both startups have now made a claim on services not just locally but on the continent.

On that note, DSA is running a promotion for A’Level and university students, farmers, miners filmmakers and anyone else who wants to take learn how to train as a drone pilot. You can find the link to Drone Solutions Academy’s contact details with the link here.

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