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ZUPCO partners with NRZ to launch 3 routes in Harare

National Railways of Zimbabwe NRZ ZUPCO

Yesterday, I said that the government needs to think outside the box when it came to public transport and well… they responded a lot faster than I expected. ZUPCO has partnered up with the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to launch three routes that are set to be operational this afternoon.

We have witnessed long queues on social media which occurred on Friday September 3, 2021.

ZUPCO became aware of the increased demand that occurred that evening caused by increase in the hours of ZUPCO travelling public by those who normally would have taken other forms of transport especially mushikashika and a few who would have taken unlicensed and illegal kombis; parents and children who had their last minute shopping for their children in readiness for the opening of schools set for Monday September 6, 2021, and increased enforcement by law enforcement agencies led by the Zimbabwe Republic Police in order to eliminate all forms of illegal transport.

ZUPCO statement on NRZ routes via The Herald

The NRZ ZUPCO fares are going to be the same as a conventional bus (ZWL$60) and will run in and out of the eastern and western suburbs. To supplement the new service ZUPCO is also planning feeder services or connecting buses to these routes and at no extra charge. Meaning you can use the same ticket for the feeder bus on the train.

Routes & Timetable

Tynwald05:45 – 06:30 (from Harare Railway Station)
06:45 – 07:30 (from Tynwald)

17:25 – 18:10 (from Harare Railway Station)
19:10 – 19:50 (from Tynwald)
Lever Brothers
Warren Park
Mufakose05:15 – 06:10 (from Harare Railway Station)
06:25 – 07:20 (from Mufakose)

17:30 – 18:15 (from Harare Railway Station)
18:30 – 19:20 (from Mufakose)
Lever Brothers
Mufakose high
Ruwa05:30 – 06:25 (from Harare Railway Station)
06:40 – 07:35 (from Ruwa)

17:20 – 18:30 (from Harare Railway Station)
18:40 – 19:35 (from Ruwa)
Hillside Mabvuku

ZUPCO and the NRZ are also planning a similar facility in Bulawayo. All in all, this is a step in the right direction because rail can accommodate more passengers than buses and kombis. Hopefully, this means that the two authorities are planning even more routes across all of Zimbabwe’s cities as well as more frequent trains.

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3 thoughts on “ZUPCO partners with NRZ to launch 3 routes in Harare

  1. NRZ is already on the brink of collapse and short distance rail passenger services, aka freedom trains, severely degraded their viability and wore down their infrastructure. Wait till you hear of the breakdowns and missed schedules.

  2. Mmmhh I think all this won’t end well. There are too many(still growing) vehicles under Zupco currently, & all these would need to be fueled. My point is,
    Remember when “they” printed more money jus because “they can”.
    The private sector (kombis nt under Zupco, not Pirates or M-word) are vital to supplement them & combat the great queue woes.
    These buses are a short term fix, isn’t everything, with no regards of long term effects.

    The world needs to Go Green. Carbon emissions from from vehicles alone will be expedited by …
    Ok let me stop

  3. Well done to the Government of Zimbabwe ,for making it possible for people to travel safely .However l have a request that they may also look into the Charlotte Brooke Roads ,ohhhh the roads a re just bad in fact from Crowhill.We are slowly approaching the rain season ,it is just difficult to manoeuvre to and fro the place,please may you help us we are really stranded.We bought the stands there and we were told the roads were serviced ,children are always late for school ,we feel we ate abusing the children. You are our last hope ,thank you.

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