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Econet is putting up 130 base stations in 90 days

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The countries largest mobile network operator Econet Wireless has announced that it will be adding 130 new base stations to its already impressive network.

“We are increasing our network capacity by upgrading our 3G sites to LTE (or 4G). We are also expanding our network coverage to areas where we previously had limited or no coverage. A total of 130 sites are being rolled out over a 90-day period as we speak. We are excited that we are able to give our customers an early Christmas present”

Kezito Makuni, Econet Chief Operating Officer (via The Chronicle)

Econet is the market leader in all respects owning the lion’s share of mobile internet infrastructure in Zimbabwe:

  • 53.2% market share for 2G base stations
  • 56.4% market share for 3G base stations
  • 66.1% market share for LTE base stations

“The investment will, in particular, ensure that many customers who only had access to 2G and 3G sites, will be able to access fast mobile data speeds for the first time through our LTE/4G network”

Kezito Makuni, Econet Chief Operating Officer

This new allotment of base stations especially in the 4G/LTE category will be Econet’s first expansion of that frequency because, in Q2 2021, the telecoms company improved all the other frequencies except 4G.

2G base stations Q2, 2021

Q1 2021Q2 2021Net AdditionMarket Share
POTRAZ Q2 2021 Report

3G base stations Q2, 2021

Q1 2021Q2 2021Net AdditionMarket Share
POTRAZ Q2 2021 Report

LTE base stations Q2, 2021

Q1 2021Q2 2021Net AdditionMarket Share
POTRAZ Q2 2021 Report

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10 thoughts on “Econet is putting up 130 base stations in 90 days

  1. Due to poor Econet mobile data network performance in my area of residence, Ruwa, I recently switched to a different mobile network operator. The difference is night and day. Its not a chore anymore to send and receive simple text messages on WhatsApp, let alone send and download images and audio files.

    I didn’t think that in this day and age I would have to walk around the neighbourhood ‘looking’ for the network, but sadly, this is what I had to do when using Econet for mobile data services.

    If this development, of putting up new base stations, improves service I may consider switching back to Econet.

  2. Econet services are getting worse day the day here in Glennorah C if they keep doing this most people will switch to netone

    1. True, the Econet network in Glaudina is almost non existent. Econet has to do something better.

  3. Your booster in Chiredzi Save zvakangofanana nekuti atina kana uchida netwk yakasimba u hv to travel to Chiredzi or wait until midngt. Kukurirwa nenet1 riri 20km away rinotoba

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