The QR codes in COVID vaccination cards are apparently useless

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QR codes COVID vaccination cards

In something that isn’t all too surprising because Zimbabwe is a dumpster fire, the QR code in your COVID-19 vaccination card when scanned will give you a “QR Code Not Found” error.

We tried it on our end and were baffled as to why this is because the QR was the much-touted security feature that the government had put in the vaccination cards in order to fight the black market for these documents.

If you recall, earlier this month the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) said in a report that these cards were being stolen at public health facilities. The reasons for this are because health care professionals are so poorly remunerated and that there are those who don’t want the vaccine but want access to places that require the document.

Anyway, while we were scanning our COVID vaccination cards QR codes, we then saw comments on social media saying that for your QR Code to register online you have to go to the Ministry of Health with your ID or passport to get the information loaded.

Now, this sounded off because when you get vaccinated, you give the facility all your information. The recording of this information, at least when I got the jab, was written in a register of sorts and I thought that the info was then relayed to the Ministry to be uploaded in their digital records.

So to find out what was happening and if the reports on social media were true, we reached out to the Ministry of Health because I and many people I have spoken to were not told of this extra step.

Now, this wasn’t as straightforward as we thought it was going to be because we were bounced around to departments that were unavailable. We then returned to the representative we had initially spoken to and asked the simple question “do we need to go to the Ministry of Health to get our vaccination cards verified?” and the answer was in the affirmative.

Only in Zimbabwe…

It appears (at least from our initial enquiries) that the Ministry of Health was ill-prepared for the vaccine rollout. We are now several months into the process and we just recently got a security measure for the vaccine cards. Worse still those who got vaccinated before the QR Code was put in the cards need to go back and get issued a new card.

Why should it be incumbent on the taxpayer to verify his/her vaccine card? We are constantly being told to be mindful of public health measures but it appears that we should all congregate in an office somewhere to log information into the Ministry’s system.

What has the Ministry of Health been doing all this time? Surely the only way to combat vaccine card fraud is to have a robust digital registry that anyone can verify at any time.

Furthermore, is information logging being done everywhere in Zimbabwe? If not, then will those in rural and remote areas have to trudge to their “nearest” Ministry of Health office or assigned facility to repeat a process that really should really have been done at the point of vaccination?

I guess we will have to wait to hear from those with all the answers…

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  1. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Your articles is pointless..when you were vaccinated was there a digital system in place 😂 Why assume that because you gave them all your particulars they would have relayed …. You guys just know that you received the mark of the beast whether it is quantified or not it doesnt matter 🤪🤪🤪 ndozvazvinoita wakaita mwana waSatan unongoshandiswa kkkk

    1. Anonymous

      mark of the beast my a***. The mark of the beast Is sunday worship which is yet to be enforced. implementation is when the world is making it compulsory for everyone to rest on their sabbath (sunday) rather than the true mark of God. but then, don’t take my word for it. research for yourself.

      1. Scorched earth

        A guy called Anonymous, who goes to seventh day adventist church, thinks Sunday worship is the mark of the beast, lol. Read your bible bro. No such thing 🤣. And again study the bible.

    2. Kamboro kadiki

      Hey. Mhata yamai vako. Vaccination is not mark of the beast. What beast? You’ve been reading too many fairytales. This is the real world. Everything has to be certified. Don’t confuse us with your foolishness. You dirty pig

      1. Captain Jack Sparrow

        Haa uchazoona hako as time goes on kuty if you are vaccinated you have become Satans creation very sad but true ..the bible says if it was possible the devil would have fooled the whole world but we thank God for those that are unvaccinated who knows that their healer is the Lord God almighty

        1. Error 404

          Does it matter what the Bible say?? If you are right you wouldn’t be using the technology available today, but you’re very wrong and misinformed but it’s not your problem if we were to perform a brain scan on you we’ll see that on the left side of your brain there’s nothing right and on the right side there’s nothing left

          1. Captain Jack Sparrow

            Take time to research hear sermons from some of the prominent ministers of the gospel alive today then you will understand where and how it will all go down ..if it wasnt for Gods grace the devil would have been able to fool even the elect because he was scheming brooding over his plan for ages saka usangomhanyire kurotomoka before doing your research

            1. Error 404

              Research yekudii?? How many jabs have you got now since you were born. Stop misinforming people. If you don’t want to be vaccinated it’s your choice. What sermon?? Prominent in what exactly?? If these so called prominent ministers are saying vaccines are the mark of the beast yet they don’t even have a clue how or where this covid thing came from, then what exactly are they trying to say

    3. wilo

      Yu are talking rubbish on mark of th beast issue there. For ur own info,thats the most stupid doctrine ever recorded in history. Stop hallucinating young man.

  2. Anonymous

    True i scanned mine in early September & nothing till now

  3. Ronald Zinyemba

    So you mean to say each QR Code is identical to all other QR Codes on all vaccination cards?

  4. Chidhumo

    Yea I scanned mine a long time ago and it showed me the same, assumption was data logging was still taking place.
    Surely there is no need to go to the mohcc offices again, they already have the information, all they need are the clerks to do the work

  5. j

    The surprise for me would have been if it worked, cause zvinhu zvese zvinoitwa ne government zvakadhakwa,ko epa mutero nepa insurance mambomazama here

  6. Big Boss

    I think the QR code should be generated from a computer at Vaccination Centre upon being injected. I.e the moment they enter your details, the computer generates a QR specifically for you only and when you scan at any point e.g border, airport it reflects your details.
    These already prepared QR codes that look almost similar hmmm I don’t think they will ever work

  7. Maybe it’s not useless after all

    Maybe the qr codes are only meant to be read by certain organisations not everyone else!!! On the issue of all your information being logged in the vaccination register that’s actually not correct, it’s just part of your info which is written down, so to have your passport or driver’s license info loaded on your VC then you have to do that process separately

    1. Anonymous

      Iwe ndiwe zodofo.remakoko chairo. Fuza. Kana usingazivi tech cjingonyarara Nhai dodo. Pane kutaura zvehudofo zvega zvega zimurakashi. Uri …remaguava

      1. Maybe it’s not useless after all

        Iwe ndiwe dofo, iwewe technology yauri kuziva ndeipi? MaVC emuno they are given instantly and they are handwritten so why do you expect an already printed qr code to have your personal information on it. If the qr code works after visiting the mohcc office then it’s not useless what if it’s a way of weeding out those who just bought those certificates? Just check how South Africans are having all their information loaded on the VC and they even said that (South African authorities) the qr code is only meant to be read by certain organisations, e.g immigration, health. Unless they have updated to everyone else

        1. Matt

          You are talking sense

      2. Maybe it’s not useless after all

        “The department said that the QR code is not meant for general public use but will instead be used by specific entities that will use a specialised QR scanner” this is what was said on launch of the South African vaccine certificate. So Mr anonymous the tech guy tiudzeiwo technology yacho tizivewo

  8. Shirumatsu

    A qr code can be read by anyone …use an offline scanner and see the results for yourself, if the list no has a special Id then it works otherwise it’s copy and paste

  9. Vanhu imi musadaro

    Where is zimbabwe digital passport link

  10. ldzingirai

    I do not think all handwritten QR Codes don’t work and that we need to go to the Ministry to activate them. Given the high numbers that are to be uploaded to the system, it may take sometime for all QRs to be registered. Like always, we need to be patient. And those who wish to use the QR, should cut corners. I believe in the long run all four-cylinders will be firing.

  11. Ndakabva ndapera power

    I intended to travel outside Zim and i wanted the Vaccine card with a QR Code and i went to my local clinic at Makoni where i was vaccinated, I was told to go ti seke south clinic only to be told that the QR Code is not yer functional because there is noone working at the Data Center

  12. Prince

    It’s a big exercise to enter all that data into a computer database – and our ‘poor’ government is not prioritizing it – what for should they spend big on getting a database they will hardly use. It’s not like ZRP have the resources to be checking QR codes. BUT for the few who need the verification (esp international travelers) you have to go and get it done (Wotozvifambira!) It’s unfortunate but understandable all else considered

  13. Obey Mthunzie

    No comment

  14. Robert Monty

    i have just scanned mt qr code and my certificatecame up undersadc. my vacc was done at healthpoint hospital

    1. Anonymous

      When where u vaccinated maybe they do take time

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