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ZOL pokes fun at TelOne over best provider poll on Twitter

ZOL TelOne Twitter

ZOL’s Twitter Admin woke up and chose violence because the local internet service provider (ISP) had this to say to the final results of Cerevita Guy’s (@cypd_) best mobile ISP poll.

“Pisa zvema sure ne ZOL simcard. TEL^ONE of your many friends kuti we can now bring them together online zvemasure in more than 60 new areas”

ZOL on Twitter

Now, I have to say this is some inventive trolling, something that isn’t all too common in Zimbabwe. The results of the poll themselves had ZOL’s Wibroniks way ahead of mobile network providers (MNO) Econet, NetOne and Telecel.

  • NetOne 27.4%
  • Econet 25.6%
  • Telecel 9.8%
  • ZOL Wibroniks 37.2%

Thinking about it again, I think ZOL’s Twitter Admin saw that TelOne’s Blaze wasn’t even on the list and took this as an opportunity to remind everyone that TelOne Blaze lines have been out of stock for aeons.

What was surprising about the poll is that NetOne edged out Econet. 1,392 people is hardly a solid sample size but with more subscribers than NetOne, it’s quite strange that Econet got edged out. On the other hand, it might mean that the folks at NetOne have had their ducks in a row and are providing a service more consistent than Econet’s.

ZOL’s “stray shot” also included a not so subtle flex at the number of locations where Wibroniks is available. This again could have been another dig at the fact that TelOne’s Blaze LTE is only available in Harare.

It’s worth mentioning that this is the second time in recent memory that ZOL has made fun of TelOne. In August this year, ZOL cleverly bid farewell to TelOne’s suspended rollover data program.

ZOL TelOne

As far as I know, TelOne didn’t respond to this and it looks likely that they won’t to this latest jibe.

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10 thoughts on “ZOL pokes fun at TelOne over best provider poll on Twitter

  1. Econet is playing a Man U Liverpool game with its loyal customers when you think you have seen it all

    It just continue to suprise you with

    Tarrifs review

  2. Competition with a bit of humour is healthy especially in this industry where Zimbabweans have been short changed for a long time, am sure if Zol continues to up their game in delivery consistently it will save us raw deals from the big shots with big names who never deliver.

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