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BancABC VISA card services “partially” back online after a days-long outage

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BancABC has had some serious issues with its Visa services. On the 25th of October, BancABC said on Twitter that its Visa card services were down and the outage continued until Friday according to a statement put out by BancABC CEO Dr Lance Mambondiani this afternoon.

In the last few days we suffered a serious Visa outage which affected 3 countries in which BancABC operates. Whilst service was fully restored on Friday for the majority of users, a significant number of our customers are still facing challenges and have been unable to transact.

We now know the root cause to be multiple transaction attempts by the affected customers when the service was down which erroneously resulted in some cards being blocked under suspicion of attempted fraud. Whilst we are working on a global solution to clear these errors, all customers still experiencing this problem should contact our Contact Center team for help to have your cards unblocked instantly.

I am extremely saddened to have let down so many of you who rely on this service, especially those who would have been stranded outside the country. I apologize for the anguish and the inconvenience we caused you.

On behalf of all of us at BancABC, I am sorry.

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