InnBucks, Simbisa officially unveil loyalty and rewards program

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You will recall that we covered InnBucks about a month ago. We were excited to find out that InnBucks are essentially a new currency. Yes, really. Read more about that here.

Simbisa and InnBucks have been testing the new loyalty and rewards program. Looks like it’s ready for primetime and so now they officially unveiled it to the masses.

InnBucks Zimbabwe in partnership with Simbisa Brands unveils InnBucks

A customer loyalty and rewards platform for Simbisa Brands Customers

Harare, Zimbabwe InnBucks Zimbabwe in partnership with Simbisa Brands today announced InnBucks, a new service for Simbisa Brands customers. InnBucks is a closed-loop customer rewards and loyalty programme specially tailored for customers who buy from Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, Baker’s Inn, Haefelis, Grab & Go, Nando’s and Steers etc. It offers a new way for Simbisa Brands customers to have a more convenient and efficient brand experience.

“There are more promotions to come and we will definitely give our customers a reason to enjoy Innbucks through and through!” said the Simbisa Managing Director, Warren Meares.

It is commonplace for customers to want to buy meals for either friends or family members in another location or town. Innbucks gives customers a way to do this at the click of a button. This is what gave birth to the Buy for Friend Function

Features and benefits of InnBucks include:

  • Load  money (US dollars) into your InnBucks to use for later purchases at any Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, and Baker’s Inn outlet. You can load up to US$200 in-store, at till points. 
  • Load change into your InnBucks in the event change is not currently available in-store.
  • Physically redeem the change later once it is available.
  • Buy For a Friend or family (BFF) member via your phone (either using money loaded prior or change loaded prior).
  • A minimum of 1% discount per purchase
  • Early access to exclusive deals
  • Transaction history is available in real time. 
  • Low to no Fees when using InnBucks

Customers can opt to use the mobile app or USSD.

You can download the InnBucks mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

To access the USSD menu you simply dial *569#. This option offers convenience to customers who do not have access to the internet or do not have internet-enabled phones. The USSD menu option is currently available on the Econet network but will soon also be made available on other networks.

InnBucks is already available and a number of Simbisa Brands customers are already using it.

“We are also looking at expanding our services regionally, so keep an eye on our social media pages for more information!” Said William Honiball, Managing Director of InnBucks Zimbabwe.

For more information on InnBucks, you can ask in-store at any Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, Baker’s Inn, Fish Inn, Haefelis, Steers and Nando’s either at Points of Sale or InnBucks Brand Ambassadors visible throughout. You will notice till points labeled “InnBucks Accepted Here”. For any questions, queries, or concerns you can also directly call or WhatsApp InnBucks for instant support any time. The InnBucks Support contact number is +263 780 382 634.  

InnBucks is also available on social media platforms namely:

Facebook: InnBucks

Instagram: @innbuckszw

Twitter: @Inn_Bucks


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  1. Uthando Graca Mlambo

    Just a few months down the line,we discover “RBZ never allowed them”😬😬

  2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    InnBucks is not a currency. It is irresponsible reporting, the TnCs state “A User’s USD cash shall and will remain as USD cash”. This is how projects and innovation get harassed by the authorities, because someone spreads misinformation.

  3. This Innbucks thing

    Well,I don’t understand why all the hype for this “Inn bucks” thing,I mean if you have $200 USD to use at Simbisa,why not use it directly,percent discount and redemption of change?,clearly these measly “perks” are not worth it or at least appealing for the average Zimbo

    1. Off-Target Market

      I guess for certain demographics, it makes perfect sense. But while I can see that, I am certainly not amongst those demo groups😅

  4. BEIT

    It is an aspirin to the change headache. Other than that, it ain’t much.
    Oh and now I can pay for that pestering slayqueen on the other side of town 😆

  5. Honor Chipunza

    I send money to the wrong contact. What help do I get from you to recover.

  6. Anesu

    How do you get your money back from someone if you send them innbucks to give to your grandma , how are your clients protect from theft suck as this

  7. Pretty Vongai Zirema

    i lost my pin

  8. Pretty Vongai Zirema

    I lost my inbucks pin. how do i retrieve it

  9. Natasha Mumvanga


  10. Chauya Kedas

    I lost my pin , can you assist

  11. Psmella Nyathi

    Innbucks should have OTP system so that a transaction cannot be completed if person does not have the account holders phone. This way you protect your clients against people who get access to their accounts and pin unlawfully. As it is your clients are not protected at all.

  12. Washington sigaba

    I forgot my password

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