New Twitter Spaces update basically makes it an online radio platform

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Twitter Spaces Data Usage

Twitter Spaces, the platform that dethroned Clubhouse, is now going to be available to non-Twitter users. This means that you can send a Twitter Spaces link to that one friend (we all have one) who for whatever reason doesn’t want or have a Twitter account.

So… this essentially makes Twitter Spaces online radio because as long as you have a link you can listen on web. This is great because we have seen a lot of Zimbabweans like Hopewell Chin’ono and many others reach out directly to their following and audiences.

This helps many people who want certain complex concepts that they might not have the time to research broken down. If for nothing else just to get a TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) on current events and other subjects.

There are some problems though…

However, there are two problems with Twitter Spaces in Zimbabwe. The first is the cost of data, as we are all too well aware the economy has forced mobile network operators to bump up prices. And with income not catching up, things like Twitter Spaces are becoming exclusive to those who can afford a data bundle or have Wi-Fi.

The second issue is that I have seen very few commentators and creators republishing the Spaces in podcast format. This is especially important because the conversations Zimbabweans are having are enthralling and informative and for them to be available only to those who are able to be online is a little unfair.

Thankfully Twitter now allows hosts to record Spaces on iOS but if you are on Android we wrote an article about how you can republish your Spaces as podcasts.

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  1. Mitesh

    Nice article.

  2. Mitesh

    Twitter wants to suite people’s needs but these developments are ussualy overdue.

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