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ZBC suffers power outage disrupting radio & television programming

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The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has, in a tweet, notified the nation that it has suffered a power outage at its Pockets Hill Broadcasting Centre.

The Tweet from the ZBC on the power ZESA outage reads as follows:

“The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation would like to inform all valued stakeholders that its Pockets Hill Broadcasting Centre has suffered a power outage. This has affected radio & TV transmission. We apologise for the inconvenience. Engineers are working to restore services.”

ZBC on Twitter

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13 thoughts on “ZBC suffers power outage disrupting radio & television programming

  1. Feel sorry for those guys because I don’t even know there was a Disruption on Radio and Television signal

    Why because I don’t even watch ZBC

  2. What makes them think they’re so special? We’ve had, and STILL HAVE, long power disruptions! Solar and generators have become a must have, so maybe they should think along the same lines!

  3. They had a power outage? I didn’t even know that because i don’t give a sh*t about it. Thanks to ZESA for the good work. Asante Sana😆

  4. ZBC “programming”, my foot! The daily diatribe and half-baked claptrap can hardly be described as programming. It’s for folks who can’t think, analyse and decide for themselves. Close them down they don’t add value to our lives.

    1. Guys but me i have to be truth because i like it following me but ZBC tv is may okay loading shadding good guys work ZESA.

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