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ZESA has a technical fault Hwange but they aren’t the only power utility facing challenges

Hwange ZESA

The Zimbabwe Electricity Power Supply Authority (ZESA) has announced that there is yet another fault at the Hwange Power Station that will be causing load shedding in the country.

ZESA statement reads as follows



ZESA Holdings would like to advise its valued customers countrywide that there is limited power supply in the national grid as a result of a technical fault that affected Hwange Power Station. The technical fault has resulted in depressed generation of electricity at Hwange Power Station. Restoration of service is underway and customers are advised to use the available power sparingly.

The inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

Stakeholder Relations – 08 November 2021

We have heard this from ZESA about Hwange at regular intervals, it looks like whatever is going down there is going to take some time to get right. However, it looks like ZESA’s regional sister utilities are having problems of their own.

Electricity issues in Southern Africa

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Limited (ZESCO) and South Africa’s Eskom are also facing issues…

06/11/2021, LUSAKA. On Saturday 6th November 2021 at 07:25 hours, the Zambian Interconnected Power System experienced a disturbance following the loss of significant generation in the Zambian system which resulted in the separation of the entire Zambian power system from the rest of the Southern African Interconnected Power System. This caused a nationwide blackout.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the cause of the disturbance was external to the Zambian interconnected power system.

ZESCO immediately began power restoration, which is still ongoing, with power restored in parts of Lusaka, Southern, Western and Central provinces.

Further, investigations are still underway to establish the cause of the loss of generation and subsequent nationwide blackout. ZESCO will continue to keep customers and the public informed on this matter.

The inconvenience this has caused is deeply regretted.

Issued by

Hazel M Zulu (Mrs.) Public Relations Manager ZESCO Limited


Stage 4 loadshedding will be Implemented from 13:00 until 05:00 on Friday; thereafter Stage 2 loadshedding will be Implemented as previously communicated until 05:00 on Saturday

Monday: 08 November 2021: Eskom regrets to inform the public that due to the ongoing generation capacity shortages, Stage 4 loadshedding will be implemented from 13.00 and 05.00 on Friday. Thereafter Stage 2 loadshedding will continue as previously communicated until 05:00 on Saturday.

While Eskom regrets the escalation in loadshedding, it is necessary to ration the remaining emergency generation reserves, which have been utilised extensively this morning as we are not getting the reduction in demand as expected from the implementation of Stage 2 loadshedding. It was anticipated that an additional seven units would have returned to service by Monday. and this has not materialised. Further, a generating unit at Amot power station tripped this morning, contributing to the shortages.

We remind customers that loadshedding is implemented as a last resort to maintain the stability of the power system regardless of the stage of loadshedding.

Total breakdowns currently amount to 14 874MW while planned maintenance is 5 579MW of capacity.

Eskom would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the implementation of loadshedding and requests the public to reduce the usage of electricity in order to help us through the constraints.

Eskom will communicate promptly should there be any significant changes to the power system


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8 thoughts on “ZESA has a technical fault Hwange but they aren’t the only power utility facing challenges

  1. They may not be only ones having problems at the moment but they seem to be the only ones who are always having problems despite the so called expansion projects & mega deals

  2. In Zimbabwe it has gotten to the point where if ZESA doesn’t have a breakdown of some sort in any given month you start to get worried because that is what we are used to

  3. They should give us time frames, eg the fault at unit so ‘n so will take abt 3dys to fix so we expect power to be back by Friday. When they do mantainance they tell us the day and duration, they must do the same with Hwange faults

    1. Guys electricity is free why buying.You need solar panels,battery, inverter and a generator for your stove, if you have a fully assembled generator remove the rotating part from your generator.WARNING call a qualified electrician (Note) for the first time testing your circuit test with a light bulb. Warning this is not for beginners call a qualified electrician

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