Zim Startups! CIMAS & Impact Hub have a US$1,000 Healthathon

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CIMAS Impact Hub Hackathon

CIMAS in collaboration with Impact Hub Harare is hosting a hackathon dubbed “CIMAS Healthathon 2021” over the course of 3 days, 1 – 3 December 2021.

The hackathon seeks to foster collaboration on innovative solutions which can be employed by CIMAS to effectively deliver their services to their clients and members through the use of innovative technology.

The intention is to go to market faster, improve internal processes, increase and potentially lower costs in order to guarantee the long-term success of the organisation.

This hackathon is open to people with diverse skill sets including:

  • Developers
  • Health Practitioners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Developers
  • Service consumers

Applications are open for teams as well as individuals and you can find the application form in the link here. The deadline is 1300hrs on 22 November 2021 and there are limited spaces.

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  1. Bullet

    Careful guys don’t sell your ideas for a measly 1000 esp to cimas

    1. Scorched earth

      True. An idea worth millions just for those nuts🙁🤚

  2. Jack

    Cimas is trying to solve their business problems for a thousand dollars. They want to bring back slavery. One developer came even buy himself an iPhone with that prize.

  3. I’m beggin’ you!

    I feel like Techzim has becone boring nowadays. It used to be do exciting but now it’s just… meh. I hope some great Tech news which is amazing will come soon. Tell us more about international tech. Even firearms tech. It’s so great. You guys are just covering small stuff.

  4. We need the truth

    1000usd to solve cimas problems.please read all entry contracts from this vulture company carefully.they have a full IT department.yet it has come to this.lol

  5. Player 456

    From the comments, I can tell Zim devs overrate themselves. They have this stupid belief that everyone is out there to steal their ideas. Well if your ideas are so great and your coding abilities are out of this world, how come we don’t have a unicorn in Zim? Nigeria has a unicorn. Why are you not working for a FAANG and earning top dollar from your skills?

    This belief that big companies want to steal your idea is hurting our tech eco system. CIMAS is in no way looking for ideas. Even if it were, it would just wait for you to launch your product and replicate it. There is a reason why we don’t have that many product launches in Zim. It’s not money, it’s a lack of products. This false victimhood menatality will get us nowhere. CIMAS has a good initiative here.

  6. Aspiring Developer

    There are a lot of health related IT Products in the country. But the problem is they are walled products. There is no open site operating along the lines of Facebook etc. They charge an arm and leg annually. One site l tried to use for my practice was charging USD 3000 Annually for me to use the site. We said fine and we are now developing our on site at a fraction of that amount. The open sites like Maisha and Mednetwork Africa have their own technical challenges which make them difficult to use.
    So as long as greed in the industry persists we are going nowhere.

  7. Kkkkkk

    If they have any ideas they can go ahead why even have a Hackathon…. Unless you fishing…the reputation of this company in particular to service provider members etc is not good in the first place

    1. Player 456

      They have a hackathon to promote our tech scene. A hackathon is not held to source ideas. Why not wait for product launches then to source ideas? The problem we have in our tech scene are wannabe cry babies who want to play victim instead of launching products. People want to sell ideas not products. That’s a big problem. As long as we have this mentality, we are going nowhere.

    2. Aspiring Developer

      You are very right. They want to source ideas. Ukazoona yava implemented they say we were already working on it before. I remember an uncle who worked for a certain engineering company. At one point they advertised a non existant vacancy. On the interview panel were engineers asking technical questions. Prospective candidates answered very well not knowing they were being sold a dummy. Ndepapi paunozodzokera uchiti basa makapa ani 😂😂😂

  8. Tetinice

    Well done Cimas. These initiatives are there to promote budding talent. Reading comments above, certainly there are people who either overrate themselves or need help. Cimas can do all it wants by itself, but its a great idea to promote and encourage young minds.

  9. Hahaha

    It’s good ploy by cimas to canvas ideas then implement them with their financial muscle. For just 1000. They probably paying more for the venue lol. If a multi million dollar company is offering just 1000 it’s clearly a trap. They are clearly not promoting young minds not are they continuing to their welfare

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