ZOL internet package prices are going up in December

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It was just September when ZOL announced a price adjustment for internet packages in local currency (ZWL$). That increase came after a very marginal uptick in local currency prices in July. ZOL has announced that as we enter December 2021 its customers should brace for yet another local currency price increase.

“This serves to notify all our valued customers of a price adjustment on our packages. The adjustment is effective 1 December 2021.”

ZOL ZImbabwe

New ZOL internet package prices

Package NameDataUSDOld Price ZWL$New Price
Fibroniks Zoom10GB (Pay As You Go)151,2991,585
Fibroniks Lite40GB (Pay As You Go)403,4404,228
Fibroniks Lite + Night Owl40GB (Pay As You Go) + 40GB (Night Owl)484,1515,037
Fibroniks Basic Essentials50GB (Pay As You Go)544,6265,708
Fibroniks Basic Essentials + Night Owl50GB (Pay As You Go) + 50GB (Night Owl)655,575
Fibroniks Family Essentials100GB (Pay As You Go)12210,55612,895
Fibroniks Family Essentials + Night Owl100GB (Pay As You Go) + 100GB (Night Owl)14412,45415,220
Fibroniks Come Alive150GB (Pay As You Go)13711,86114,480
Fibroniks Family EntertainmentUnlimited20517,67321,668
Fibroniks Modern FamilyUnlimited27323,60328,855
Fibroniks Power PackUnlimited39934,39642,173
Fibroniks Turbo PackUnlimited46640,20849,255
Wibroniks UnlimitedUnlimited16414,15017,334
VSAT Bronze20GB (Pay As You Go)19917,20521,034
VSAT Silver30GB (Pay As You Go)24821,39826,213
VSAT Gold40GB (Pay As You Go)39734,27841,962
VSAT Business Plus50GB (Pay As You Go)60652,30664,052
VSAT PlatinumUnlimited1,05190,735111,087
Fibroniks Micro OfficeUnlimited24120,75625,473
Fibroniks Small OfficeUnlimited37832,61739,953
Fibroniks OfficeUnlimited68058,71171,874
Fibroniks Large OfficeUnlimited99685,991105,274


DataValidityUSDOld Price ZWL$New Price ZWL$
2GB15 days + 15 days rollover4347423
3GB15 days + 15 days rollover7593740
5GB15 days + 15 days rollover191,6502,008
10GB15 days + 15 days rollover262,2542,748
15GB30 days + 30 days rollover332,8473,488
20GB30 days + 30 days rollover373,2023,911
25GB30 days + 30 days rollover453,9144,756
30GB30 days + 30 days rollover554,7505,813
60GB30 days + 30 days rollover827,1168,667
100GB30 days + 30 days rollover1109,48911,627

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  1. Hugh Jarse

    Is there anything in Zimbabwe that’s ever come DOWN in price? Not surprising or unexpected when the same incompetent lot are STILL in power, really…

  2. Darkseid

    Waiting for Starlink to crush these suckers. Zol has always been ridiculous

  3. Darkseid

    Waiting for Starlink to crush these suckers. Zol has been ridiculous

  4. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Starlink just might be one of those ships that won’t sail in Zim 🤔🤔🤔 thinking out loud 🤪🤪🤪

    1. Starlink Sheriff

      True, but at least the website seems to imply that as soon as potraz gives the ok, Musk can flip a switch and be rolled out within a year. Its just that potraz bit that’s the sticking point! Counting on them to do the right thing in a timely manner, each of us might be better off digging our own personal undersea cables before we can get Starlink!

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