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Stanbic Bank says it has launched one of the biggest loyalty programmes in Zim

Stanbic bank loyalty programme, PlusRewards, Standard Bank

Stanbic Bank has announced the launch of one of what it says is the largest banking loyalty programmes in Zimbabwe. The PlusRewards programme, which will be launched today (1 December 2021) is aimed at supporting and enabling economic growth by providing Stanbic Bank merchants with a loyalty mechanism to drive customer engagement and ultimately additional sales.

Stanbic Bank Head, Client Solutions, Tich Zuze said Standard Bank and Stanbic Bank cardholders from across the continent who travel to Zimbabwe can benefit from the programme.

“This programme is meant for any Standard Bank and Stanbic Bank card holder across the continent. As the programme is also currently available in Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria local Stanbic Bank card holders can benefit from the offers in these countries,”

Tich Zuze, Stanbic Bank Head, Client Solutions

Tich Zuze went on to say that most local businesses have suffered through Covid-19 associated lockdowns. The PlusRewards programme is Stanbic’s way to attract customers in the form of Stanbic Bank cardholders to boost merchant sales. At the same time, cardholders stand to benefit from the programme-related offers, discounts and other benefits.

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed a significant strain on a host of industries and businesses across various sectors of the economy. This includes the many businesses who suffered from the travel restrictions imposed globally and have not been able to benefit from tourism as an income source. The rollout of the PlusRewards programme is Stanbic Bank’s way of providing alternative support to impacted businesses and help them grow. 

How to join the Stanbic Bank loyalty programme

Standard/Stanbic Bank customers 

  • Have automatic access to PlusRewards simply for being a Standard/Stanbic Bank customer. 
  • Using their Standard/Stanbic Bank debit card at select merchants in any of our select countries to unlock rewards. 

To qualify as a PlusRewards merchant, these are the requirements to meet:

  • Use Standard/Stanbic Bank POS devices in your store. 
  • Offer exclusive benefits and discounts of your choice to Standard Bank card holders who visit your store across our 14 countries.
  • Display PlusRewards collateral in your establishment. 
  • Complete a confirmation letter to confirm the benefits you will offer at your establishment as well as your participation period.

Stanbic Bank cardholders can view the various specials or discounts on products and services available through the PlusRewards benefits programme via the website and visit the relevant merchants to redeem these offers.

“This is critical in an environment where business cash flow is strained.”

“These participating merchant numbers will only continue to grow as more businesses realise the benefits of the solution: attracting more customers,”

Tich Zuze, Stanbic Bank Head, Client Solutions

According to Stanbic Bank, there are over 50 local businesses have registered for the PlusRewards programme already.  

“Stanbic Bank and its parent company’s purpose is to drive Africa’s growth. This means providing solutions that facilitate trade despite the restrictive pandemic environment, and to do so at scale to ensure our initiatives have a sustainable and significant impact. We are excited about the PlusRewards programme rollout, and it is our hope that it will contribute to stimulating business, economic growth and trade,”

Tich Zuze, Stanbic Bank Head, Client Solutions

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