Huawei Watch GT2 Major software update. All the new features!

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Welcome to 2022 everyone and it’s new year new software update for the Huawei watch GT2. It just got a very major update that’s brought in a collection of visual and functional improvements which I cannot wait to share with you guys so let’s dive right in.

The Huawei boot animation has been upgraded to the one on the latest Huawei devices. Gone is the red shell on top of the Huawei branding.

The drop down menu has a new addition which is the drain icon. Basically if you take the watch swimming or bathing, the watch can fill up with water in the speaker slots and so this button plays a tone to vibrate the water molecules out of this slot. Why would anyone take a bath with their watch though? When do you charge it? Unless you are afraid someone will nick it whilst you are in the shower.

Which is now not a big worry because this update brought pin locking to the watch. So as soon as it detects lack of a pulse or if it’s restarted, it will automatically lock itself. The pin itself is a 6 digit code. You can still check the time with the screen locked but that’s all you’ll be able to do.

Notifications got a well deserved makeover. Instead of a banner notification blanketing the whole screen, notifications only cover the bottom quarter of the screen. They will just briefly show the icon of the app sending the notification and the name of the sender and disappear and leave whatever it is you were doing on the watch uninterrupted. And for me the most AMAZING part is that notifications no longer switch off my flash light when I have it on on the watch. That one used to make me wanna pull my hair out.

Activity rings are now thicker, weather now has a screen for 8 hours worth of outdoor conditions separate from the 7 day weather predictions which themselves are split into 2 screens. Oh and the watch now does navigation. It’s currently limited to Huawei’s in-house Petal maps and also not on iOS but I mean it’s a massive progress. All it does is pretty much turn by turn navigation showing you how far the next corner is.

When you receive a call you can now use the physical buttons to adjust the volume. The top one increases and the bottom one reduces the volume.

These are the striking new additions I saw in the major software update to the Huawei Watch GT2. I’m actually happy that a watch from 2019 is still being given some attention. Probably more attention than my Huawei P30 Pro but story for another day. If I missed any new feature let me know in the comments.



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  1. HM

    Maybe you can do an article on the advantages of having a watch instead of a phone. Seams they do more or less the same thing.

    1. Tops

      🤣🤣🤣 boe here apo ??

    2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      The watch depends on the phone. Otherwise, it just becomes a timepiece with a pedometer.

  2. Ndwangu

    Should have gathered the price thou

  3. jus aksking for a frend

    does it also tell the time ?

  4. Ikasa

    🥱Hw far post on zero rating

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