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Powertel customers! Here’s why your internet has been down for MONTHS

Powertel internet CDMA LTE

So… it looks like Powertel’s CDMA internet services have been down for some time. A member of the Techzim community reached out to us saying that they contacted Powertel in November 2021 and were told that CDMA internet was down due to an “upstream fault” and there was no timeline for the restoration of service.

The problem, according to what we were told, is still a reality and there was no communication from Powertel to its customers about the situation. Well… we reached out to Powertel and this is the response that we got:


Subsequent to the refarming of the CDMA frequencies to LTE, Powertel is working on the upgrade of its CDMA network to Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Powertel also is working on an expansion of its Base Stations using Long Term Evolution (LTE) to improve quality of service and in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Powertel would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Why Powertel took this long to issue a statement is beyond me. They could have, at the very least, made their customers aware of the situation.

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7 thoughts on “Powertel customers! Here’s why your internet has been down for MONTHS

  1. We don’t care about Powertel anymore. They screwed us over and have shown a total disregard for their customer’s needs. Their support sucks and they are still providing 1 Mbps download speed on their fiber in this era kkkkk

    1. Anonymous has that 100% correct! When they first started, their service wasn’t bad in terms of speed, but try to get support when their modems didn’t work! That was a whole other story. I gave up on it years ago and have no intention on going back! g

  2. Hello can you do the cost comparison of its

    Powertel Tarrifs

    So that we have a clear picture of where exactly to flock since they are going LTE

  3. Ahh powertel ichiriko 😱 thought yakabuda mu-game kare. Who owns powertel dai avhara hake ingori loss irkuitika apo

  4. Powertel main core business isn’t really internet access to the masses, their focus is on managing the electricity grid in sadc through fibre…. The ‘bandwidth change’ is what they offer to the povo albeit at low speed.

  5. Internet service providers in Zim are just a shame. We surely cannot be having just two internet service providers with one only providing fibre north of Samora and the other ADSL in this day and age. Our neighbor RSA is shutting down it’s ADSL services soon.

    Can’t wait for Starlink to arrive in the region. It will provide the fastest internet in Zim at a cheaper rate than the best.

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