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US$5 for 100 channels, will AzamTV dethrone DStv in Zimbabwe?

Azam Tv Zimbabwe, AzamTV

AzamTV has launched in Zimbabwe and is coming in with some really interesting deals. Chief among them is the basement bargain of US$5 for 100 channels which is cheaper than DSTv’s lowest package (Lite) which goes for US$8.00 for 25 plus channels.

Here are all of the packages and the channels on offer

Package Price (US$)Channels
Azam Pure 5.00Africa Swahili, Tv Islam, Great Dominion, Rainbow TV, Foodies, Al Huda, CGTN. CBeebies, Kix, W-Sport, Trace Mziki, Inooro TV, Switch Tv, KAMEME TV, TOP TV, Universal TV, Mibawa TV, Tanzania Safari, Upendo TV, UTV, Wafasi TV, Channel 44, Dizzim TV, KTN News, Azam Sports 2, Spark TV, Africa News, TV-E, Salt TV AMC Series, ROMANZA, Zodiak TV. KASS TV, BBS TV MAC Plus Power, RAI Italia, Malawi National TV, KBC, Capital TV, Star TV, Azam Two, Azam Sports HD, Azam One, KTN, K24, NTV Uganda, Bukedde TV 1, Bukedde TV 2, Rwanda TV, TV West, NBS TV, Urban TV, UBC, Citizen TV, EATV, NTV Kenya, ZBC 2, African Movies Channel, MBC 2, Liverpool TV, Al Jazeera English, France 24 English, Fix & Foxi Aljazeera News Arabic, Colors, Star Gold International, Nickelodeon, BBC World News, ITV, Clouds TV, ZBC, Chanel 10, TBC1, Sinema Zetu
Azam Plus10.00Azam Pure plus NINA TV, Star Bharat, AsiaNet Middle East, MTV Base, MBC Action, MBC 2, MBC 3, Discovery Investigation, NHK World, MBC Drama, Star Vijay, Puthiya Thalamuria, Mazhavil Manorama, ETV Teluga MAA TV, MBC Bollywood, MTV India, Star Plus, Sony Max
Azam Play15.00Azam Pure + Azam Play andStudio One, Sony SAB, Zoom, Kalainger TV, Tollywood TV, Fine Living, MSC Internations, National Geographic, ETV Africa, WBS, MBC Power Plus

Dizzying line up for the price

I am not going to lie to you and say I recognise even a quarter of the names on that list but in terms of sheer volume, this is a lot for a max package of US$15.00. The variety of channels is probably because AzamTV operates in multiple African countries and they picked up a few national broadcasters here and there from those countries.

But if you lived through the era where BTV was a major staple in most Zimbabwean homes then AzamTV is much the same but a broader adventure.

You’ll need a decoder

If you want to check out AzamTV in Zimbabwe then you’ll need to buy a decoder, which goes for ZWL$5,950.00. Those without a satellite dish can buy the whole package for ZWL$9,500.

Existing customers can also access all their channels over the internet through the AzamTV MAX App that you can find on the Google Play Store (Link here).

Azam Media Zimbabwe (Private) Limited Number 4 George Drive, Msasa P.O BOX 4350, Harare, Zimbabwe. Tel +263 86 8800 7777, email

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42 thoughts on “US$5 for 100 channels, will AzamTV dethrone DStv in Zimbabwe?

  1. But this article does not tell me where I can get the AZAM decorder nor where I can pay the subscription. Please provide fuller information..

  2. The funny thing is that Azam uses the same satellute as Kwese TV used. So you have to turn you dish the Eutesale 7a/7b. But if Gvt was serious about digitalisation i think it should have used a Zimbabwean company. They let Kwese TV go out of business and yet they want foregn companies to milk Zimbabweans. As for me i no longer buying another decoder, right now i have dstv,kwese,ovhd,wiztech,starsat and now enters azam with few watchable channels.

    1. You nailed it. How will the economy grow if we’re overly looking outside. We should support local businesses. South African brands (not that Azam is from SA) are dominating because they get support at home, allowing them to grow big enough. Let’s promote a culture of buying local. Certain categories of external investors don’t add real value.

      1. I don’t know if you missed a recent news article that mentioned that more formal companies are increasingly moving towards being informal, that says a lot to explain why there is helter-skelter in (local) Zim businesses presently. Remember some folks buy stuff based on top quality regardless of source. Local products need to match or exceed imported products simple.

  3. Dstv got to reduce there package prices and make extra view free ?
    Dstv Customers should be able to create they on packages (addons) etc

  4. How many channels are broadcasted in HD, coz that could also explain the lower charges. I wouldn’t waste my time watching a show on 320p resolution.

  5. If government didn’t have a vested interest in Dstv, through MultiChoice, it would be struggling locally. Different enforcement of obligations allow it to thrive against competitors like Kwese and Azam.

    But, one day Dstv is going to be the Blackberry of subscription entertainment.

  6. I think pitching the narrative that “USD5 gets you 100 channels” is not enough to bring out much motivation in me. There are so many junk channels in every respect – biased news coverage, very poor picture quality, very poor audio (too loud/soft or distorted) and absolutely junk content which appears like poorly-made home-produced videos. Some channels will take you back to 1927 or thereabouts. There are some discerning viewers out there, and I’m one of them.

  7. I think people are just not explaining AzamTV properly.
    I have realised that, Azam is in about 5 or 6 countries, and you get all the TV stations in those countries, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda Kenya Uganda, and now Zimbabwe, although you will not understand a lot of the languages. There is hardly any sports, but all the major news channels are there for US$5, plus a fair share of documentaries and movies, much better than the lowest DSTV

  8. Where will be the Dish facing? DSTV side or Kwese side?

    I might try it if it is facing the DSTV side. Kwete kuKwese. Ndikuda kuzama plug and play kwete Kwese.

    Ndatopedza nemashoko angu

  9. No EPL big turn off would have been a better package alternative if more sport was added thats where DSTV will bury them

  10. AzamTV does not even need to compete with DSTV. An article on this Techzim website in March 2020 reported that ‘DStv Loses Nearly 100k Subscribers In Zim, Economic Woes & Electricity Crisis To Blame’. This reported that DSTV lost 90,000 subscribers in 2020, and also pointed to a Chronicle article which mentioned large subscriber losses in 2019. So, without even touching the current DSTV subscribers, Azam can potentially get a significant share of subscribers. Just check the number of enquiries on the AzamTV facebook page

  11. We are not new to pay TV companies in Zimbabwe. MyTv and Kwese TV are a case in point. And they were others before them. ZBC never paid any attention. This is unlike AzamTV.

    Why did ZBC TV decides to work with this pay TV? We have no answers. I like some of channels though particularly Kenyan news media and of course African movies.

    1. IMHO Zanu TV wants to export their one-sided reporting (where even the right of reply is denied) to the rest of Africa. Just like their chaotic land nonsense.

  12. Why support Azam from Tanzania instead of Kwese which was Zim. We need to grow our industry. how much is dstv making and how much will Azam, make millions of dollars.

    1. I think we need more sport and documentaries remove the Swahili stuff which no one understands in Zim and add what is compatible with us.

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