You will be able to get an e-passport this week

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The fiasco that has been the e-passport rollout is soon to hit its crescendo. According to a report by ZBC News, the company that was contracted to run the project (Garsu Pasaulis) said that all systems are a go for Zimbabweans to start applying in the next three days.

“We are going to start issuing the passports within the next 3 days and training of staff was key to come up with a seamless process.”

Chukkri Assal Managing Director Garsu Pasaulis (via ZBC News)

The changeover from the old passport system to the new one is said to have been completed with the Registrar’s Office staff prepped and trained on how the e-passport system works. A simulation of the new system was conducted to assess its capabilities and all parties involved seemed to be happy with the outcome.

“The change over from the old to the new system requires extensive training of personnel and we are happy that we have completed the process as you can see our workers are being educated by the trainers on how the system works,”

Chukkri Assal Managing Director Garsu Pasaulis (via ZBC News)

This report follows shortly after the scrapping of the US$20 application fee (mainly because of public outcry) that was set to be paid through CBZ Bank. If the application fee stood then it was going to make what was already a difficult process even more arduous because everyone would have to queue at CBZ in order to start the process.

With the way queues were over the festive season when Civil Servants got their bonuses, it was going to be pandemonium out there. Thankfully the government saw the light and removed the application fee.

Now we wait to see what the process is actually like because an “all-clear” in Zimbabwe usually comes with its niggles and issues.

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  1. Sagitarr

    Waiting for the “moment of truth”!!

  2. Obey Mthunzie


  3. Blessings Kabuku

    What about if my passport its expiring this year what do?

  4. JD

    ‘Get’ and e-passport, or ‘apply’; for one?

  5. Anonymous

    So the regular passport also takes 6months or it’s fast now

  6. Bernadette

    Thank you our President for the E Passport its about time this will def save suffering Zimbabweans from the usual corruption the very long queues the total nastiness rudeness the shouting the pure cruelty associated with getting a passport in our own beloved Country also saving Citizens from getting Covid in these congested offices. Let’s pray it works out well and a great success and no more corruption against suffering Zimbabweans take this to other departments that so much time is wasted for no valid reason.

    1. Can’t Can

      🤔Not sure if sarcasm oro…

    2. Joe Rug

      This could have been done ages back. Corrupt kids learn from their parents, same as Gvt Officials. It starts from the top.

  7. Hope Bakasa

    How do l apply e passport when I’m in SA

    1. Anonymous
      1. Stix

        That website is a good as dead. Look at their latest articles are from 2018. Their fees and information is outdated. I bet if it’s even maintained. Nxaa this government yakaora.

        1. Anonymous

          Kkkkk you can’t even apply on the website. Ngavatiitire mushe vanhu ava

  8. J Abie

    I want to know how to apply the e-passport if am in South Africa and how it works coz most of the people they use it to work outside the country, the employer they can employ me with that e-passport without a permit

  9. Archbold Chifamba

    How do I apply for the Epassport and the requirements needed

  10. Portia Moyo

    How do I apply E passport and what are the requirements

  11. Maria Makuvaza

    l want to apply for an e- passport
    pliz help me

  12. Rangarirai

    Pliz I want that E-passport!!! How to apply ? Am in SA
    Is it true once I get it no need to apply permit?
    Even to fly overseas without visas?

    1. Mtk

      U nid a permit Sis or a Visa

  13. Perpetua Mugaro

    What are e requirements or documents neededfor e passport

  14. Princess

    Are the 2019 passports out guys cause I have been waiting yoo 2019 November

  15. Emma Ruth

    I need a passport and I am in the USA

  16. Vale

    Life has stages,aren’t we skipping some stages,we don’t wanna cry tmrw as a nation Mari yaenda nedzimwe nyika,nhamo dzatiinadzo dziri bhoo timbodealer neidzodzo tisatange zvatisingazogone kumaintainer.

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