ZOL to become Liquid Home starting March 2022

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“T’was a matter of when not if” is probably what most of you are saying because ZOL becoming Liquid Home is something that has been in the rumour mill since around 2012 when the latter acquired the former.

We got some confirmation of this last year when Liquid Telecom rebranded to become Liquid Intelligent Technologies. Regional CEO for Southern Africa Wellington Makamure confirmed that ZOL wouldn’t be left out of the rebranding exercise and now we have formal confirmation by way of a customer notice from ZOL.

Please be advised that Zimbabwe Online (Private) Limited (“ZOL Zimbabwe”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe (formerly Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe) will be going through an internal re-organisation exercise which will result in the transfer of all existing telecommunications services to its parent company Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe.

The re-organisation of ZOL Zimbabwe is part of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe plan to deliver top tier offerings that cater to your ever-evolving needs.

With effect from 1 March 2022, your account with ZOL Zimbabwe will be transferred to Liquid Home on the same terms and conditions as your existing contract to ensure there are no disruptions to the services provided. Liquid Home is a sub-brand of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe.

Please click here to confirm receipt of this notification. For more information on the re-organisation, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please Email feedback@teamzol.co.zw.

ZOL Zimbabwe would like to thank you for your support as we consolidate our services and improve your experience.

ZOL Notice

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  1. Anonymous

    I got that very same email a fortnight ago

  2. Captain

    Don’t care much about their rebranding services instead of things getting better with them it is actually the opposite

  3. Anonymous

    Rebranding for their own benefit🚮

  4. Anonymous

    I am very disappointed in ZOL. Early October 2021, I bought a new Dongle to use in Hwange. I was assured it was set up for use.

    I needed it for an important live streaming video on the 30th of October

    On the 28th we ran a test and it was not working. I called your Hwange and they said they were fixing it.

    On the 29th we tested again and still nothing. Again I called and was initially told that it was being fixed.

    Then was given a customer service number which is not 24 hours, but closes at 17h00.

    So our event came on the 30th, we had no network from ZOL. The staff we called kept tossing us around.

    The following Monday, 1st of November, I personally went into the ZOL office to get my refund on the useless gadget. The lady manager took the gadget from me and promised me that my refund would be in my bank account in less than a week

    Guess what, this is the 3rd month and I am still waiting.

    Each time I call or go there, I get the same promise with no action.

    Do I am writing this to help those who were intending to use ZOL, don’t waste your money.

    My gadget wasn’t cheap, $6,500 before data and at the rate the Zim dollar is losing value, it has lost more 200/ in value so the refund is as good as nothing now.

    I hope someone who cares reads this.

    And I hope ZOL gets rich by ripping people like me off

    If you want to know who I am, ask your Hwange and Vic Falls people

  5. Mabhena

    Zol is a joke anyway. We applied for an office fibre connection more than 6 months ago and upto now we are waiting for “a site survey”. I hope this results in their Bulawayo office getting shuttered, it was being run like a museyamwa.

    1. Arthur Picasso Suwali

      Kindly share your contacts details on arthur.suwali@liquid.tech and see how best l can assist on this one.

      1. tjaymac

        Why didn’t you also reply the Hwange guy🤔

        1. Captain

          Because he is not in finance but technical department plus azowa yecoke apusha madyiro simple😁😁😁

  6. Douglas Kaliwoh

    As long as they have not gone under ZUPC*, do not expecta change in service!

  7. Nomalanga Ncube

    I switched from telone to Zol and got better service

  8. M Phiri

    Hwange baobab container office is not user friendly for short people in height. May you please accommodate all people for easy access and service. Thank you

  9. Mahaso

    I cant recharge my account or even request balance since today , wats wrong with your services pliz

  10. Mahaso

    I cant recharge my account or even request balance since today , wats wrong with your services pliz ,l even installed the liquid home app bt still zero zero

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