Apology to Telecel

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Earlier today Techzim (us) published a completely false story to the effect that Telecel Zimbabwe was shutting down. This was gross negligence on our part and totally unacceptable.

We are unreservedly apologising to Telecel for this and for the confusion and harm it may have caused to them, their brand and their business. To apologise and then in the same breath attempt to explain what happened would be insincere. There is no excuse for missing the mark like this and we would rather stick to presenting ourselves hat in hand and just say sorry.

In my personal capacity and on behalf of Techzim I extend sincere apologies to The Telecel board, their CEO, Ms Angeline Vere, leadership, employees, subscribers and all their stakeholders including of course their shareholders. We are truly sorry.

To our readers: very sorry about this. We will do better.


Tinashe T. Nyahasha
Techzim CEO


What’s your take?

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  1. Midza


  2. Tinotenda Chimuka

    haaa Mamakisa

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha


  3. Anonymous

    So what is happening at/to Telecel?

  4. Teddy Tawanda Mangenje

    Apology accepted team techzim zvinowanikwa

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Thank you. We will do better

  5. Telecel

    Disinformation should be a punishable offence, you have been operating this site for many years and by now we expect high levels of professionalism. Your apology won’t offset the bad image and the defacement that you have done to our brand and our employees… You have painted a dark picture of our brand and a very bleak future for us and labelled us an unworthy competitor in Zimbabwe telecommunication industry. You showed your remorse for our brand and were even happy that a new competitor will come and challenge econet (MTN). Your article has literally sunk our ship thanks to your bad journalism tactics…

    1. Maka

      Telecel Zim this is a harsh response for a corporate like you. Techzim has sunk your ship? Really guys? Kana yanga yakanyura yanga yakanyura. Musanyepe.

      Bad journalism tactics were shown, that part I agree but they have apoligised. Be the bigger person and let’s move on from this.

      On another note , are you done with your “stock take” and is the network back up now? 🚮

    2. Tarisai

      An unprofessional response from a huge corporate.

      If this is really Telecel commenting, please be the bigger person and let’s move on from this.

      On another note, madzosa here network yanga ichinzi haiko before manyepera techzim of sinking your brand????

    3. Anonymous

      Useless lot. You are just now looking for a scape goat. No network for days.

  6. D1vant

    Telecel is as good as dead… It should be reAwaken

  7. Chief Murinye

    This is nauseating. You are only apologising in order to avoid a lawsuit against you which in my view will be successful against you.You very well know that the damage has already been done. Not everyone is going to see your apology but word has already spread like a veldfire.People are talking about it everywhere.If your apology is genuine you need to run your apology on all the papers and book a slot with the national broadcaster and castigate your own lies. Generally we are subjected to lots of lies peddled by these news people. Lots of half truths and any attempt to request for retraction are scoffed at by these media houses especially if they think their victim is a weaker member of the society. I condemn in the strongest of terms these lies. Shame on you TechZim.

  8. Kudzie

    Thumbs up TechZim, ZANU PF haizvigone zvamaita izvi. You are counted among the brave kwete madahwa eZANU PF ana Chief Murinye nxaaa

  9. Two Boy

    Techzim should only apologise that Telecel, at least for now, is not closing down. But, the writing is on the wall Telecel is already out of the race. Techzim has pronounced death to someone who is forever in intensive care whence speeding up Telecel demise.

  10. Imwe Mbeu

    Tinga swero edza nyoka neGavi – vangani vakushandisa Telecel right now show your hands 😂

  11. Optimus

    Well done for the apology and retraction. Some news outlets never acknowledge errors.
    It was the professional thing to do.
    As a long-time reader of Techzim, I think you need to relook your coverage. I have said hangu here in the comments before; it seems you are now driven more by anger than facts. There are a lot of angry posts sometimes that don’t bear facts or lack context (I commented here how in your anger you missed context on Netflix/FB taxes (https://www.techzim.co.zw/2021/03/new-youtube-tax-rules-expose-the-folly-mthuli-ncubes-netflix-facebook-taxes/)
    For the last few years, it seems you guys now let emotion get the better of you.

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Thank you Optimus.
      A thing like our big mess up today obviously causes us to pause and rethink our processes. The truth though is, we shouldn’t have waited until we had messed up big time before we listened to you!
      Please do not stop talking to us and telling us when we are on the wrong track. Better we debate about that than to have never heard important criticism.
      Thank you for being a long time reader

  12. Yelloman 2023

    Ichi chinhu chinonzi Telecel chakawora pachakabatana nezvakawora. If You Know You Know

  13. Anonymous

    Zve Telecel tazvinzwa but Africom ndoimwe futi haichaite even ma calls are not going through

    1. arri

      taura hako its been 2 weeks. and no official communication from africom

  14. SM

    There is no smoke without fire…..;-)

  15. SM

    There is no smoke without fire…..;-)

  16. The Empress

    Is this what you have been reduced to. Blaming the demise of the company on one article? Let’s be honest Telecel has not been competitive for quite a while now.
    – Numbers of subscribers nd revenue shrinking year over year
    -the way the quality of the network has deteriorated whilst the competition has expanded their network theirs.
    -The shareholders who are always taking each other to court over who owns which shares.
    It’s not all bad Telecel has always offered some very good promotions. And it’s always been rated for having the best customer service.
    But what use are promotions if the network isn’t up to the task and ofcourse the customer service is good after all they serve a very small customer base!
    If Netone network goes down for a day everybody knows, if Econet goes for 5 hours it’s a national disaster.
    But if Telecel goes down for a week does anybody really care the answer is aside from the very, very few that use it on a daily basis nobody would actually notice nd that says all you really need to know about Telecel.

    1. The Empress

      Oh by the way Techzim try harder this business of dancing on the grave before confirming the actual facts is a bit embarrassing

      1. Tinashe Nyahasha

        Truly embarrassing

  17. Dek

    Apology accepted we all make mistakes sometimes and atleast you have corrected the error

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Thank you Dek

  18. Unfocused Youth

    Mistakes happen, even in the professional world – you guys are human too. My opinion as to why people are chastising you is that Zimbabweans aren’t used to people openly admitting when they wrong, let alone themselves. So thank you for taking the high road. You live & learn.

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Thank you Unfocused Youth. Interesting name there

  19. Pauline Kanengoni

    I have said it before,Techzim has issues eith Telecel.if ya iri Econet you would have verified before publishing such a story kana ku tea mungadai matoenda neve econet ka but iyi i telecel so you can jump up and down excited over an old article,hope they sue you!

    1. CurrenciesSpeculator

      Telecel is crashing no doubt, keep watching this space

  20. King On The Rise

    Apology accepted.At least you have bury the hatchet.

  21. Live & Learn

    Ok. It may be time to put in a robust editorial pipeline that puts verification and corroboration as one of the first few steps. It will slow down output in cases like this, but surely it is preferable to the alternative. Anyway, kudos for owning up to it. Even the bastians of journalism are rarely this straight forward when they get caught out in a mistake.

  22. BaManuere

    Techzim yagara inotinyebera

  23. Greg

    You guys need to check your facts 100% before publishing stories. I’m no journalist but I have enough common sense to know what the world is coming to with fake news and there is no margin for error to get things wrong. You either have your story rock solid with evidence and from honest sources, or don’t bother publishing then having to apologise for being wrong after. You guys have built a bit of a following with decent news on the tech side so come you need to jack up the quality.

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