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Solution Centre Zimbabwe is running The Beginner’s Guide to DaVinci Resolve 17, the official Blackmagic Design Training and Certification course that teaches editors, artists and students how to edit, composite, colour correct, and mix audio in DaVinci Resolve. All you need is a Mac or  Windows computer capable of running the software, the free download version of DaVinci  Resolve 17, and a passion to learn and tell your story! This official step-by-step training course covers the basics of editing, visual effects, motion graphics, colour correction and audio so you can start creating your own Hollywood calibre film and video today!  

What You’ll Learn:  

  • How to edit, add effects and post to the web, fast using the new cut page. 
  • How to setup projects, import media and use metadata to speed up your work. 
  • Marking selections, editing clips in the timeline, and context sensitive trimming. 
  • How to re-time clips, add transitions and pan and scan photos.  
  • Working with new title templates, creating your own titles and adding animation. 
  • How to navigate the Fusion page, use a node based interface for visual effects  compositing.  
  • Primary and secondary corrections using DaVinci Resolve’s legendary colour tools. 
  • How to match shots, use colour management, create looks, grade multiple clips. 
  • How to use PowerWindows, track objects in a shot, use curves and add  ResolveFX.  
  • Audio sweetening and mixing using the Fairlight audio tools.  
  • Record voice over directly into the timeline Use new FairlightFX to improve audio  quality  
  • How to deliver projects to a variety of formats and share directly to YouTube and  Vimeo.  
  • Dozens of tips and tricks throughout the book that will transform how you work! 

After completing this course, you are encouraged to take a 1-hour, 50-question online proficiency exam to receive a certificate of completion from Blackmagic Design. The link to the online exam is provided at the end of the course for you to do in your own time. 

System Requirements  

This course supports DaVinci Resolve 17 for Mac and Windows. If you have an older version of DaVinci Resolve, you must upgrade to the current version to follow along with the lessons.  

NOTE The exercises in this course refer to file and resource locations that will differ if you are using the version of the software from the Apple Mac App Store. For the purposes of this training course, if you are using macOS we recommend downloading the DaVinci Resolve software from the Blackmagic Design website, and not the Mac App Store.  

Download DaVinci Resolve  

To download the free version of DaVinci Resolve 17 or later from the Blackmagic Design website:

1. Open a web browser on your Windows or Mac computer. 

2. In the address field of your web browser, type: 

3. On the DaVinci Resolve landing page, click the Download button. 

4. On the download page, click the Mac or Windows button, depending on your computer’s operating system.  

5. Follow the installation instructions to complete the installation.

The BootCamp runs from the 7th to the 11th of March 2022 and you can get more details by contacting Solution Centre Zimbabwe through the following channels:

  • Telephone – 08677 005 118 / 08677 005 119
  • Email – 

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  1. wow so cool

    oooh great ! cool , fantastic !!

  2. another course needed for 2 dummies

    can they also create a simple economics course for tool cube and mangudya to join, maybe these 2 t!ts can learn something ?!

  3. Me

    How much and where?

    1. Also Me

      250usd at their Highlands premises. You have to book so contact them directly if you are interested

  4. Leonardo DaSpeedy

    The moment I saw Solution centre, my wallet jumped out my pocket to seek asylum under the bed! Still, the course outline looks solid. From watching over another editors shoulder, DaVinci is a pretty great editor I’d love to learn.

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