Dstv package prices are going in up SA, are we next?

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DStv pay, package prices SA South Africa

Multichoice has announced that DStv package prices are going up in South Africa. The price “adjustment” is a 2.7% uptick across all packages starting from April 1st 2022 and here are the new prices…

“We realise that customers remain under pressure two years into the Covid-19 pandemic. These adjustments will help us to ensure that South Africans continue to enjoy the best value, and unrivalled access to entertainment, anywhere, anytime, and at the most affordable price.”

Nyiko Shiburi, MultiChoice South Africa CEO (via MyBroadband)
Packages2021 Price2022 PriceZim Prices (USD)
DStv PremiumR829R839 (US$55.16)75.00
DStv Compact PlusR539R549 (US$36.09) 45.00
DStv CompactR409R429 (US$28.21) 29.00
DStv FamilyR295R309 (US$20.32) 19.00
DStv AccessR115R120 (US$7.89) 13.00
Add-ons2021 Price2022 Price
Access FeeR105R110
Box OfficeR40R40

I am aware that there are some Zimbos who have SA decoders so they can pay the cheap prices that South Africans enjoy (as well as the programming). The new DStv Packages prices are about R5 – R20 increase which I don’t think will make that much of an impact to locals who have SA Decoders, if we are comparing them to the Zimbabwe variants of these packages.

However, it should be mentioned that DStv’s price is below the 4.9% CPI that the South African Reserve Bank forecasted. This could be Multichoice giving itself some headroom for another price increase later if the projection holds true…

What about the rest of Africa?

The last price increase I can remember was in 2020 for us in Zimbabwe. That adjustment was reportedly made because of the 14.5% VAT charged, and it should also be mentioned that the increase in 2020 was the first in 4 years. Additionally, Multichoice hasn’t, as far as I have seen, said anything about prices for other markets going up.

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  1. Anonymous

    Here in Zimbabwe we already pay more than S.A and that 14.5% VAT is passed to us customers Why do we have to pay an extra USD2 – 3 extra when we deposit monies into their bank account? This is suppose to be absorbed by DSTV. I don’t think we are next for price increase

  2. Cnyauyanga69

    Proof reading mukuiita shoma team

  3. im not worried

    i pay premium for 2 years in advance every 2 years, should i be worried?

  4. Barf!

    The expression “nothing is certain, except death and taxes” can now include “and prices rocketing out of control in Zimbabwe”! It’s GUARATEED those prices WILL go up here! SA is headed down the same sorry, destructive path Zimbabwe has been, and is still on! It is however possible that South Africans see sense and vote for change, before they end up in the same situation! One can only hope…

  5. Anonymous PQR

    What about DSTV easyview package, any price change?

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