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US$800 for 80GB, NetOne’s new One Fi prices are killing its MiFi use case

NetOne One Fi Prices, MiFi

I am still reeling from NetOne’s new One Fi bundle prices… What possible justification can there be that a mobile network operator is charging tens of thousands of dollars more than internet service providers (ISPs) for similar packages and even more than uncapped packages?

$99,000 for 80 GB?! NetOne’s new data prices (February 2022)

Here’s a straight-up comparison of what NetOne is offering for its One Fi packages in contrast to the other mobile network operators Econet and Telecel.

NetOne vs Econet vs Telecel

NetOne One FiEconet Private WiFiTelecel Home Wi-Fi
10GB – ZWL$16 2508GB – ZWL$4 3205GB – ZWL$3 000
25GB – ZWL$40 70015GB – ZWL$6 60010GB – ZWL$5 500
50GB – ZWL$81 400 25GB – ZWL$ 7 86020GB – ZWL$6 500
80GB – ZWL$99 00050GB – ZWL$12 00050GB – ZWL$11 000
75GB – ZWL$13 000

As you can see it’s not even close… NetOne is orders of magnitude more expensive in these packages than its competitors. What has raised alarm on social media is that the other mobile network operators will take this same course of action because no data bundle price increase is done in Zimbabwe without the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe’s say so.

This means that there might be a new special arrangement for these mobile “wi-fi” packages from the regulator. However, even if that is the case, the situation is a lot worse when you look at what ISPs are charging for sim-based internet services.

NetOne vs Telco vs ZOL Wibroniks

ZOL Wibroniks (ZWL$)NetOne One FiTelco WiMax
2GB – 465 10GB – ZWL$16 250 42GB – ZWL$3 597
3GB – 81425GB – ZWL$40 700 70GB – ZWL$7 939
5GB – 2,20950GB – ZWL$81 400 95GB – ZWL$11 762
10GB – 3,02380GB – ZWL$99 000 165GB – ZWL$17 349
15GB – 3,837210GB – ZWL$22 550
20GB – 4,302
25GB – 5,232
30GB – 6,394
60GB – 9,534
100GB – 12,790
ZOL Prices are as of March 2022

Utande’s uncapped LTE can even be put into this conversation because their prices in USD are far more palatable than NetOne’s One Fi. As we said earlier this morning NetOne’s prices by the auction-rate are ridiculous… The biggest package of 80GB for ZWL$99,000 is about US$798.39 at the official rate as of the 22nd of February 2022.

So even if you factor in installation costs, you are far better off (for the moment) going to ZOL, Utande or Telco to get their LTE or sim-based services.

The domino effect…

It’s hard not to revisit that fear that the other mobile network operators (Telecel and Econet) might follow this route because as earlier mentioned, this price hike would have had to go through POTRAZ. If that is indeed the case and nothing changes with the ISPs, then all of them would in effect have priced everyone out of the market when it comes to MiFi or home internet usage.

This would be strange because MiFi routers are sought after as they offer a low barrier to entry for internet services. You don’t have to go through an extraneous connection process, it’s all plug and play and you can carry the router where ever you want as long as there is adequate network coverage.

Moreover, in the wake of remote work and e-learning, this would be a major step back for the MNOs because who is making enough to be able to afford nearly US$800 for 80GB.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

28 thoughts on “US$800 for 80GB, NetOne’s new One Fi prices are killing its MiFi use case

  1. Not unexpected! You have the same useless lot back at the helm, no thanks to vote rigging and voter indifference, along with the fact that zpf want full control of what you see and hear on the internet! Remember what most of you voted for, as far back as 1985, with little or no protest, and that’s why you’re where you are now! There’s also no sign of ANY improvement on the horizon either…

  2. Good move by Netone, increase prices so that people complain about how expensive life is becoming because of Zanu PF ,even their salaries cannot afford the prices, Zanu PF will definitely loose as more companies hike prices,kwasara ana OK and TM to increase bread price to ZWL600

  3. What the actual f***! It’s like they are coordinating with Russia, invading our pockets while Ukraine gets wrecked!

  4. What the actual f! It’s like they are coordinating with Russia, invading our pockets while Ukraine gets wrecked!

  5. So it was Netone’s turn this time around? 🤔
    Econet nd Netone seem to take turns in raising prices. Last time it was Econet that raised prices first and then all the hatred on social networks and media was directed at them, whilst Netone was silent nd then NetOne quietly raised their own prices 2 weeks later.
    It’s been the norm for a long time now. It’s just Netone’s turn this time around.
    And you can be sure that they got the blessing of POTRAZ and whoever else is charge approving price increases, so there is no chance of a rollback back to old prices.

    1. Miricles still happen or maybe the person in charge of writing the government Statutory Instruments is now working for Netone.
      Netone rolled back their planned price increase!
      I’m confused nd shocked. This sort of thing never happens.

  6. This is the chance for competitors to swoop up all Netone customers in its apopemptic era and offer reasonable prices cause this makes customers apoplectic.

  7. Kkkkkkk…..In Game of Thrones they always spoke of the Mad King that we never saw. Net One is the Mad Company with a router that we will never bother to see lol!

  8. If this is not a typing error… Surely we are heading nowhere as a country…Am sure people will get to know the right and the wrong …Data must be free!!!!!!!!!! Wait 2023 #HKM

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