ZOL to start charging 10% tax on internet packages next month!

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ZOL 10% tax, excise duty, internet packages

ZOL Zimbabwe, soon to be Liquid Home, has announced that the rebranding exercise will be coupled with a 10% Excise Duty or tax across all internet and VOIP packages.

Dear Valued Customer,

As a result of the regulatory changes, ZOL Zimbabwe is required to levy a 10% Excise duty across all internet and VoIP packages effective 1 March 2022. For more information on how this affects your current package please visit www.zol.co.zw

We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to your continued support.



For those, like me, who are unfamiliar with financial wizardry and the language it comes with. Excise Duty according to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is a tax “levied on specified locally manufactured goods and on provision of specified services in Zimbabwe“.

As far as ZIMRA states on its website the excisable goods are beer and spirits, tobacco products, airtime, vehicles when they change ownership on sale, and “opaque beer powder”. This new 10% tax that was communicated through ZOL will most likely affect other operators like TelOne, Utande, Dandemutande, Africom, Powertel and others offering internet and VOIP.

If my maths is right this means package prices are going up by 10%. This is gravely concerning for Zimbabweans because broadband services are further slipping away from what most can afford.

Update: Join us tonight 14/02/2022 at 18:30hrs in a Twitter Space we are hosting to hear what you think about the 10% internet tax link here

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  1. Hugh Jarse

    Another rip-off by zpf, but that’s not unexpected! They’re control freaks, who will do whatever it takes to restrict or snuff out dissenting voices.

  2. Juno

    Taxed at every turn but nothing improves. I am exhausted

    1. PSALMS109

      you and me both dear. They just havent found an easier way yet to tax us for being Zimbos and for oxygen. Oxygen tax coming soon.

  3. Bloody Rock

    It’s like the sight of us enjoying a little respite, advantage or chance is revolting to them.

  4. Barf!

    They already get 15% VAT! Typical zpf greed, but also it’ll start to put internet out of reach for more people, who are more concerned about keeping themselves fed, clothed, housed etc.

  5. Tashinga

    Why would we pay 10% Excise duty? Government is already receiving a lot of money from these businesses in the way of 14.5% VAT; 25.5% Income Tax; PAYE; 2% IMT; and 20% from forex income to fund the auction system. Sorry Government but we need a break!

  6. Taneta veduwe

    WHY!!!For crying out loud. there’s tax on salary, 15% vat, 2% IMT. This sort of thing is the reason why govt never gets the revenue that they want. They tax us too much that we start finding ways to circumvent the tax altogether. Why not collect a reasonable amount as PAYE and leave us to enjoy the rest of our hard earned money.

    1. Jason

      It’s ok,,,,,,as long as the citizens sit silent then it’s considered acceptable,,,,,I say why complain about a 10% charge when nearly every citizen is ok with all the ridiculously exorbitant other prices out there,,,,,just compare local price for Dulux paints with SA prices,,,, exact paint,,,,,you can do that for majority of products,,,,,,,so obviously government looks at trends and prices that we as Zimbabweans are accepting so they too must make some money,,,,simple,,,,,,there is no thuggery going on here,,,,,,,if Zimbabweans have a problem with high prices,,,,,stop supporting all these businesses that are profiteering which means even some of your business ventures,,,,,kkkk,,,,,people don’t worry when they overcharge others and make high sick profits,,,,,,but when the tables turn and it’s you now suffering from your exact behavior all of a sudden it’s bad,,,,,I’m not saying you in particular are doing such,,,,,,but let’s be honest here,,,,,we know Zims runs on excessive profits at the expense of others suffering

      1. M2

        High local prices and high profit margins are the reason dollarisation is unsustainable in Zimbabwe. Foreigners will find it very attractive to flood our markets with their goods and services at high profit margins and then take those profits out to their countries where the US dollars are worth a lot more. The diaspora Zimbos who earn US dollars on competitive international labour markets are most disadvantaged if they have to send this money to Zim where everything is overpriced and their hard earned money doesn’t go very far.

  7. Home schooled.

    The gvt is now blood thirsty, there want to tax the living daylights out of its citizenry. All they see is potential revenue streams. The next time we will hear of people toll gates or taxed to roam in the CBD area for 1hour unlimited kkkkkk.

  8. Home schooled

    The gvt is now blood thirsty, there want to tax the living daylights out of its citizenry. All they see is potential revenue streams. The next time we will hear of people toll gates or taxed to roam in the CBD area for 1hour unlimited kkkkkk.

    1. Bob Dread

      Hey wena! Stop giving them ideas lol!

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