Comrade Fatso vs PVO Bill: they tried to demolish Moto Republik, now coming for business model

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PVO bill, Comrade Fasto

On this episode of Technikari, we were joined by Magamba TV  co-founder Comrade Fatso to talk about the Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) Bill that seeks to regulate Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Zimbabwe. Magamba has been one of the few content companies that have come to strongly oppose the PVO bill and for good reason because the organisation is an NGO or as they are calling them these days Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

We explored

  • What the PVO Bill is
  • Why Magamba and others are dead set on pushing back on the bill and how it affects their operations
  • How this will affect startups in Magamba’s sphere and the programmes the organization holds in journalism and other fields
  • The wider impact of the PVO bills on other NGOs and the work that they do.

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