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Express or 48-hour e-passports are now available

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Earlier this year we went to the Passport Office to enquire about all the things that a prospective applicant would need to apply for an e-passport. While we were there we asked about emergency or express e-passports and we were told that the Passport Office would only start issuing them sometime in March. Well, it looks like the folks at the Registrar’s Office have delivered on that promise according to ZBC News.

When the E-passports were launched last year it was made clear that they will be two categories of applications.

The one with a 7 day turn around which we started with and now we have introduced the Express Centre that issues passports in 48 hours from the time of applications.

Applicants use an online booking system to avoid congestion which had characterised these offices.

What it means is that they are now two ways of applying for a passport which is the one which takes 7 days and this one which takes 48 hours.

Terence Mutemerarwa, Manager at Express Passport Office via ZBC News

As for the online platform mentioned in the quote, I contacted the Passport Office in Harare (0242706311 or 0242702295-8) and they said that they are taking walk-ins for the emergency e-passports at the moment. The requirements are the same as those for the conventional 7-day e-passport however the express variant costs US$220.

To apply for an e-passport we were told that for adults you will need:

  • Your ID
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Old or expiring passport if you have one

Yesterday, we covered the story about the online platform being 20% from completion, so it looks like we have some time yet to wait for a remote way of applying for e-passports.

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9 thoughts on “Express or 48-hour e-passports are now available

  1. While it’s good news that something is finally being done at the passport offices very few realise the strategy ZANU pf is using here, nobody is talking abt the timing of these developments, a huge election is coming up and that’s when we get passports being fast tracked. Do the math, people are not getting passports to stay in Zim and vote, people are getting them to leave and most of these people leaving are the same voters needed by the opposition, there is obviously a direct correlation of the numbers of passports issued to the people who will leave and will not be available next year come elections. So say for example 2 million people receive passports from now till year end, a huge percentage of those will not be available to vote come elections next year!

    Techzim please if u can may u make an analysis on this one

    1. Weird analysis though. I dont know if those other third world countries like us give people passports to leave their countries when a passport is just a basic right. Its just a document every citizen ought to have. So everyone you see who is still around do not have a passport I assume?

    1. Is ok for me to file this under ‘Dubious’ until further notice? The website fails to put forward any verifiable information on the mechanisms and authority they act or profit by, no affiliations to the registry or government mentioned…

      Pathfinders and trail blazers, do your thing!

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