[Update] Liquid Home (ZOL) is down

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If you are a Liquid Home customer I am pretty sure you have restarted your router countless ties with no luck and even tried to check your balance thinking you are out of data. You are not alone. Liquid Home is facing network challenges that have been caused by a fiber cut on their link between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

This outage has reduced Liquid Home’s international bandwidth by 50% and resulting in the poor speeds Liquid Home subscribers are currently facing. The fiber cut itself occured about 17km from the Beitbridge boarder in South Africa and sources say the issue should be resolved in about 2 to 4 hours.

This is now too common

These fiber breaks are now a bit too common. In 2018 Liquid Home (ZOL) suffered another fiber break that crippled it’s internet service. Just a year before that in 2017, Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid Telecom) suffered another major fiber break in Limpopo South Africa after a farmer there ploughed it with their tractor.

One would think there are sufficient measures put in place to ensure trunk links of that order are safeguarded from such simple looking disruptions. It’s best to always have options in Zimbabwe and if you are not sure what other home internet options are available out there you can check out this comparison we did of Liquid Home, Telco and TelOne.

[Update] Some progress made

Liquid says that the “fibre has been spliced and the links are now up as at 13:55hrs.” As a result, they say “services have restored to normal.”

It’s not quite back to normal in our experience but who knows, there could be a different problem not tied to the fibre cut.

To the Liquid Home customers out there, how is the service right now? Did it ‘restore to normal’ or at least improve from around 2pm?

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  1. Anonymous

    alert(“No comment”)

  2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    It’s a ridiculous situation. Imagine that a person armed only with an axe can cripple your entire country’s communications. Taking down banking systems, international voice calls, WhatApp, remittances and inter-governmental systems, with just one swift stroke.

    1. The Empress

      1819 right now. And ZOL is still laggy it at times takes up to 30 seconds for a page to load on UC Browser mini. UC big browser the same.
      Chrome is a total flop nothing works. Chrome is my phone default browser so most apps from TikTok, bank app and others are not working properly or at all.
      WhatsApp works fine
      So in short ZOL is still down.

      1. Mdluli

        Mine has improved a bit

  3. Anonymous

    It’s the way they their cables. They are buried in shallow trenches and without an extra layer of protection, such as adding a basic pvc pipe.

  4. Lol

    😀I was wondering why the service station i usually siphon WiFi (since I’m poor and unemployed), wasn’t working. Thought they had put some type of security. Lol

    1. The Empress

      Nice one. Lol

    2. Lenox

      Can you share location of the said service station so as to get the opportunity to ‘siphon’ their wifi as well?

  5. The Empress

    0112 ZOL is now back to normal across all browsers

  6. jake

    Sounds all silly. It must be layed way down where a normal tractor can reach. More players help matters. Same with MNO space, the market screams loud for sound 3rd network operator to restore service and cost at par with neighbours and unlock economic activity.

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