Strive Masiyiwa’s daughter replaces him on Econet board

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Just over a month ago, Econet Wireless announced that their founder, Strive Masiyiwa, was stepping down from the board of directors of the company. He had been on the board since inception in 1993 and the announcement closed the chapter on a very long and dramatic 29 years. 

The Masiyiwa story at Econet is far from being over though. Strive remains a major shareholder and it turns out that Econet will still have a Masiyiwa on the board after all. This time in the shape of Strive’s first born daughter, Elizabeth Tanya Masiyiwa. 

Econet announced the appointment of Miss Tanya on the 5th of April and the appointment is effective 1 April. Meaning our girl is already on the job. Said Econet

The Board of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Miss Elizabeth Tanya Masiyiwa to the Board of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited. The appointment is with effect from 1 April 2022.

Miss Masiyiwa is a senior executive, social entrepreneur and philanthropist. She serves on a number of Boards including Higherlife Foundation where she is the Head of Design and Innovation and the Harvard University Leadership Council for the Centre of African Studies. Miss Masiyiwa holds BSc (Hons) degree in Banking and International Finance from Bayes Business School, City University London, a Masters of Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School and is currently completing the Executive MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge University. She has worked in various organizations, spearheading the investment and funding programmes as well as the human capital development of those organisations. She currently holds a number of leadership positions in both local and international organisations. Miss Masiyiwa brings a wealth of experience to the Board.

Econet announcement

So, if you were worried that Econet would steer into the abyss without the Masiyiwa magic, fear no more. Tanya may be her own person but she was raised by Strive and should bring a similar vision for the future of Econet. 

I would imagine in Strive’s succession plan, he counted on Tanya being ready to take his place in the company that transformed their lives. He obviously believed she was ready and decided to step aside and take on different challenges. 

In the above Econet announcement, they talked about Tanya serving on a number of boards. One of those boards is EcoCash Holdings where she has been a member since 2018. She served on that board with her father for a little while until he had to retire for governance and transparency issues. 



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  1. Ghetto Yut

    tichamutsotsa hedu isu boys dzepa ghetto. kudya mwana wa strive isu ma ghetto yuthies

    1. ini

      Matookubonde kare! Unofunga kuti nekuti haasi wekughetto akadhibha, iwe!

      1. Addy

        New person new expertetions for fair well Mr Strive Masiyiwa

  2. Dave

    He has run his race now passing on the button gracefully, this is how it’s meant to be done, wealth has been passed down to another generation, the business will be a going concern. Now that’s Class! 👌🏽

    1. NJM the inventor

      True this is how it’s meant to be done as we do that the poverty decreases like (-) can you imagine no stress for looking for a job, and you, you study for 12 years even more to work for someone plus the salary is just going to collapse anytime soon and you will be crying for salary increase again & again the rest is endless our parents should have done it better, even if you have a job you want freedom with your wife so you must get a house to rent because you don’t have the money to buy your own house you have to pay the landlord, those children you have must suffer just because of our parents this won’t stop until we do something about it, by the time you get your own house you will be like 55 years of age and your children will follow the same footsteps you have taken we are just inheriting poverty generation to generation this is a pandemic we must choose whether we GENE OR RATION

  3. Smorkko Mortto

    Fresh personnel, fresh ideas…. Well done👏👏

  4. Wellington Machingura


  5. Tandy Bakasa

    Welldone,👏👏👏Tanya wish you all the best🙏

  6. Samaita

    I said it here so I am not surprised. It’s OBVIOUSLY Strive who made the appointment,
    no coincidence here. Strive has not “stepped down”. Being the major shareholder he still controls Econet, one way or the other. You must be a fool to think he is no longer involved in the affairs of Econet Wireless Zim. There is a lot that happens behind the curtains while a company still meets “good corporate governance ” standards!

  7. Xander

    Leading by example…..wishing you all the best Strive. They are both your babies so if big sis can babysit Econet it’ is all very well. Shows how you hv raised both

    1. Anonymous


  8. Simbarashe mudzamba

    To Sir Masiyiwa I say, we wish you well sir on your retirement, you have run a good race, we are your witnesses. We also welcome your daughter on this very prestigious executive position by all standards local and global.

    For you Tanya, we would like to convey this message, don’t pay attention to detractors, verbal abuses from the short sighted- sighting your young age and other factors; rather pluck a good leadership leaf from your father and when push comes to shove as sometimes life does, consult your father.

    That being done and said- hopping you have understood: we welcome your appointment with all the love, joy and respect from us the true citizens of Zimbabwe.

  9. Anonymous

    New board member new data and voice prices lets see how it goes

  10. EddieBryan

    It’s been nice having you as my mentor Mr Masiyiwa I will always support your vision delivering supernatural customer service to our valued customers,to Tanya I say “best wishes in your new endeavors “

    1. Samaita

      Stop taking weed bro hahaha. Wat customer service are you talking about?

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