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FBC Bank announces new Mastercard US$60 limit security feature

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FBC Bank has, in a statement, said that it is taking a proactive approach to guarding customers against fraud with a new US$60 limit security feature for its USD Mastercard platform for online transactions.

FBC’s statement on the Mastercard security feature and limit reads as follows:

FBC Bank continues to transform with global e-commerce products and trends to ensure the provision of superlative service and the customer experience in a secured environment. The bank has over the years invested in robust security systems and continues to do so for the benefit of our customers.

To this end, the bank is both an issuer and acquirer of the international MasterCard. The FBC MasterCard provides convenience to various market segments and is one of the most reliable cards on the market providing card users unmatched convenience during transactions on all enabled channels.

As technology has always had and will continue to have an ever-growing influence on payments, we also note the growing sophistication of fraudsters using and operating the same technology which may subject our valued customers to financial prejudice emanating from hackers and fraudsters.

Fraudsters are always moving with technological advancements, always exploiting means and ways of subverting payment platforms hence the need to also always ensure FBC customers are protected from such.

In the spirit of protecting its valued customers from hackers and fraudsters who are always on the prowl, FBC Bank continues to put in place proactive interventions that protect and minimise the risk of financial loss for our customers.

The bank has taken note of potential loss points during online transaction cycles involving E-Commerce transactions that happen on websites. Generally, these transactions are executed/processed after provision of card credentials which include Card Validation Value (CVV2) numbers. However on some websites mainly where subscription based payments are executed, the transaction may go through without a request for your card CVV2 number. This leaves and provides an opportunity for hackers and fraudsters to compromise one’s card which may result in a financial loss to the card holder.

The bank has thus been proactive following this discovery and has placed a cap on the amount that a card holder can execute online without the need to provide a CVV2 number. To this end all FBC mastercard online transactions will be executed up to USD$60 (Sixty dollars) on all websites that do not request for CVV2 numbers. Where a cardholder has been restricted from doing a transaction above USD$60 they will be required to contact our contact centre for assistance.

Where a CVV2 number has been provided for amounts above USD$60 and transactions are still failing, kindly contact us in order to verify if the merchant you are subscribing to, is consuming the CVV number or is asking for formalities.

All other capabilities of the card remain unchanged. Card holders can still do withdrawals and Point of Sale transactions at all mastercard accepting ATMs and merchant locations respectively within the previously announced limits. Card holders are also encouraged to use the temporary block facility available on our MasterCard Mobile Application, when cards are not in use

Protecting our customers from potential losses remains a key resolution of the FBC Brand, our customers have invested a lot confidence in the brand and in-turn as a natural expectation we provide them with secure and convenient services that speak to their financial needs because they matter most

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7 thoughts on “FBC Bank announces new Mastercard US$60 limit security feature

  1. I wish the system could provide a one use CVV number that can be send via text/ email. Contacting the bank every time you transact above $6 might not always be convenient.

    1. An OTP you mean. But, if you read carefully, they didn’t say you contact the bank for *every* transaction over 60 dollars.

    2. You are confusing the CVV2 number with the OTP sent as part of 3D secure here. Trust me when I tell you that you will realise that you will not need to contact the bank that much if at all.

  2. Contacting the bank for every transaction above 60đź’€ what happened to otp 3d secure

  3. But if the website does not request for CVV2, it means FBC has chargeback rights. So why inconveniencing your customers when you have chargeback rights. It may point to a situation where the FBC is not EMV Compliant.. because if the bank is fully compliant both as an acquirer and issuer, certainly there is no need to inconvenience customers by putting such small value transactions. And the long statement from FBC.. doesn’t address the underlying issue.

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