StanChart increases online & bank app transfer limit to ZWL$25 million

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Standard Chartered Zimbabwe (StanChart) has announced in a circular to customers that it has reviewed its transfer limit via its online and mobile application banking platforms to ZWL$25 million.

The message from StanChart about the transfer limit reads as follows:

Dear Valued Client,

We are pleased to advise that we have increased our funds transfer limits on the Online Banking and SC Mobile App to ZWL 25,000,000. We would also like to remind you of the different capabilities available for you to continue transacting safely on our digital channels at your convenience.

Standard Chartered Zimbabwe

In addition to this message about the new transfer limit, StanChart also reminded customers of the transfer and transaction limits for other platforms:

  • Maximum Point of Sale Swipe (POS) transaction limit ZWL2,500,000 per week
  • EcoCash Bank to Wallet Maximum Transaction limit ZWL10,000
    • Bank to Wallet Maximum Daily limit ZWL35,000
    • Bank to Wallet Maximum Monthly Limit ZWL280,000

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