Emerging Ideas Pitch Night is back. Meet fellow entrepreneurs and support, advise and team up

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Do you love business and the sharing of ideas? Fancy yourself a businessperson/entrepreneur and would like to exchange notes with other like-minded individuals? If you can be in Bulawayo on Friday the 22nd of July, there is an event you will not want to miss.

There will be an Emerging Ideas Pitch Night on Friday the 22nd of July from 5:30pm at Jabula New Life Covenant Church. That’s at 138 Fife Street, between 14 and 15 Avenue. Your only excuse for not attending would be prior engagements because attendance is free.

The last Pitch Night happened two and a half years ago but as the threat of the virus wanes the in-person event picks up where it left off. Businesses and startups get to share their ideas, inventions and innovations again.

What to expect if you attend

Emerging Ideas says the Pitch Night will give you an opportunity to support, advise and potentially team up with entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs will have 5 minutes each to pitch their idea. After the pitch will follow 8 minutes of community time were others in attendance get to ask questions, give suggestions and offer support to the entrepreneurs.

This should help entrepreneurs validate, improve and/or expand their ideas. So, even if you don’t particularly have an idea to share you can attend and help others work through their ideas. Every single entrepreneur would be best served if loopholes in their ideas are spotted early on and addressed.

As they say, three heads are better than one and I can only imagine how much better a room full of people would be than a solo effort.

Even if you can’t help help others, you can at the very least get inspiration at the event and who knows where that will take you.

Also, this being a gathering of entrepreneurs, there is an opportunity to meet future partners. So, whether you pitch or not, you could leave the event with a business partner or new business relationships at the least. Events like these are a networking dream come true even if it’s not about funding, mentorship or sponsorship.

Ideas are a dime a dozen

I know some will worry about their ideas being stolen. That is valid but sometimes that’s a risk worth taking if only to see if the idea is truly viable. Besides, it is not as if you will pitch every detail of your business plan so even if someone steals the idea, your implementation will be vastly different.

Remember too, it is precisely because many young entrepreneurs don’t share their ideas for fear of theft that many great ideas never leave the idea stage. Don’t be that person. Stop romanticising ideas, everyone has them.

If this all sounds good to you, go ahead and register here. Or try these numbers: +263773390737 or +263773170579. Remember it is free.



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  1. Gift

    When is it coming to Harare?

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      I think in August, according to the organizers

  2. Kachepa silas

    Introduce it to us hararians

    1. Leonard Sengere

      Hi Kachepa Silas
      It’s in August

    2. Leonard Sengere

      August bro

  3. the mandalorian S.E

    glad to have pitch night back.we are ready for it in harare!!

  4. Orid Pumura, bhuruwayo

    Couldn’t you find a better venue……gec its the state of our nation, too many churches fleecing the poor while blaming them of their poverty(lack of faith)…sorry for being off topic….come pitch night

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