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GWM P Series pick up. They put an AC socket in it!

GWM is a pick up brand that has been there for a little while now. It’s only now that the boys and girls from China have decided to level up and make something that the rest of the world notices. To distract us a bit from the GD6s and the Duramax. So they made the P series and they put a lot of tech in it.


Engine2 liter in-line 4 cylinder
Diesel Turbo
Fuel Economy10.6 Km per liter (Diesel)
Drive Wheels2WD/4WD
Gearbox8 speed automatic
Features220V AC socket
Digital dashboard
360 degree cameras
Wireless charger
Apple Carplay
SafetyAdaptive cruise control
Lane departure warning
Lane keep assist
Auto emergency braking (Forward facing)
Traffic sign recognition
Rear cross traffic alert
Tyre pressure monitoring system
US$32 500 - US$36 100

D/cab (Commercial)
US$38 000 - US$47 400

D/cab (Passenger)
US$48 900 - US$59 100

The engine in this P series is a 2-liter turbo diesel which is surprisingly punchy considering how large this pickup is. The benefit is some good fuel economy which is claimed at 10.6Km per liter. And the top-spec one Zimoco gave us to experience had all the tech options ticked.

Digital dash

It’s got a fully digital dash meaning the part with the gauges is one big screen. That allows it to show a lot more data like navigation, cruise control, lane keeping assist, and traffic signs that it would have picked up as you are driving like speed limits.

The main controls of this display are on the steering wheel and I am glad they are normal tactile buttons and not soft touch or touch-sensitive buttons. These allow you to navigate the digital dash for cycling through either driving information, setting parameters for the adaptive cruise control, and answering or ending calls.

There are also multimedia controls for your radio or music from either your phone’s Bluetooth or a storage device plugged into one of the 2 USB ports located on the dashboard.


This P series has a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system. It does a lot of stuff as well which I can put in 3 main categories. Vehicle setup, Entertainment, and climate control. It’s got Bluetooth connectivity and also supports Apple CarPlay but not Android Auto.

Vehicle setup

On vehicle setup, you can use this screen to set the ambiance of the car to suit you. So the themes of the digital dash and the infotainment system, how long the courtesy lights stay on after you lock the car, the system sounds whenever there is an audio prompt, and the state of the screen itself when you are driving.

In events where you are doing some hectic maneuvers, this same screen is where the 360-degree feed from the cameras is displayed just so you can see where exactly the car is and how to navigate it around obstacles. It’s also really useful when parking. It’s a really big car and if you have trouble judging distances then this particular model will assist you with a joint strikeforce of radar and 360-degree surround view cameras.


The top-spec P series has a 6-speaker sound system which sounds fine. It’s not going to rock your world with epic bass like the sort of sound systems you’ll get in a VW Golf or a Mercedes Benz E-class but for a pick up it’s very usable.

There are 3 primary ways of enjoying content on this car. You can play music from your phone via Bluetooth and if you are the proud owner of an iPhone you can use Apple Carplay and do away completely with the stock UI on the infotainment screen. This will also bring Apple Music or Spotify controls to the car and you can navigate tracks using the steering wheel-mounted controls if you wish.

The other is via a USB port. You can plug in a flash stick or media player with your favorite beats and mixes and they will play there. You should also be able to play MP4 videos via this same method. I could not test this out because I had a very limited time with the car.

The last option is the FM radio. And if you were used to ex-jap vehicles you’ll be happy to know that you can enjoy all the radio stations available in Zimbabwe.

Climate Control

It’s got a dual zone climate control which can primarily be controlled by physical knobs. Very good knobs. I love a good knob for adjusting my volume and my AC. If you are feeling fancy you can perform some of the aircon functions through the infotainment screen. Personally, I’ll use buttons and knobs.

More tech

The view mirror has an integrated USB port for powering your dash cam. This is pretty neat when looking at cable management because everything is hidden behind the view mirror. Both the dash cam and the associated cables.

The view mirror itself has automatic dimming such that if a lunatic is driving behind you at night with their high beams on, it will automatically dim the view mirror so you don’t get as much of a glare.

There is a lane keeping assist and lane departure warning. What these do is use the cameras and sensors around the car to keep you in the middle of your lane. Then the system senses you are drifting into another lane it will give you an alert and a nudge on the steering wheel just to help you get back in your lane. Also, this feature will not engage if you show some manners and put on your turn signals.

There is also autonomous emergency brake assist. This uses the camera and sensors in front of the car to stop the car if it senses obstacles in front of the car like pedestrians, cyclists, and other cars. Livestock and game are not mentioned if anyone was wondering.

In addition, the cameras and sensors on the sides of the car provide blindspot assistance informing you if there is a car approaching your blind spot. Useful when you want to switch lanes on the highway. Then when reversing there is also cross traffic assist which again uses sensors and the rear camera you warn you if there are other vehicles going past your parking bay. It takes the stress from reversing out of parking bays unless you work at a place where it is required for you to reverse park.

And yes as the title stated there is a full-size 220V AC socket in the back which puts out a maximum of 120W. It can be really useful if you need to power something that can’t be powered by a USB port. If you are camping you can plug in lights. Braaing at the lake with the boys? You can plug in a much better sound system for the vibes. If you are at home and you get a power cut. Just work from the back seat of your pickup. You can pretty much do anything with it but obviously, it won’t handle any heavy-duty appliances. Keep it under 120W.


The GWM P series starts at around US$36 000 for the base single cab and US$38 000 for the base, fleet spec double cab. This top-of-the-line one Zimoco gave us to push buttons in goes for around US$59 100 and this is because every option available was selected.

For comparison, the Mitsubishi Triton pickup starts at US$35 100 for the base single cab and the top-spec double cab goes for around US$66 200. So the P series is on the more affordable side of the price bracket compared to other trucks of the same class on the market.

It’s very roomy inside with good insulation, the engine is small and efficient but without compromising on power. It may be a 2-liter but it produces more torque than a 3-liter Duramax diesel that you get in the top-end Isuzu pickups.

It’s packed with a lot of smart tech inside and out and it’s well put together. Interior design and trim, the big displays, the finishes on the dash, and the diamond stitching on the doors. And that socket. I am not aware of any other pickup available in Africa that’s coming with that socket.

That said it did have to make some sacrifices in a couple of areas. Because of how roomy it is inside, they had to extend the wheelbase to accommodate the bigger cabin. This reduced its off-road capabilities a bit. Also because it is big, it is a bit more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. The surround view cameras help a lot though.

It also does not have the reputation and pedigree that the more established brands have if that’s a deal breaker for you.

However, for the majority of tasks you need a pickup to do, the GWM P series can do. It’s a really great package all around and we have Zimoco providing backup for it in Zimbabwe meaning it should be a reliable truck. Personally, I like it. If you need a truck and you are not a 4×4 hobbyist or are not concerned with the brand, go to Zimoco and book a test drive. Then come and let me know what you think.

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8 thoughts on “GWM P Series pick up. They put an AC socket in it!

  1. Nice ride. GWM/Haval have gotten so much better but I still see some borrowed design language here and there! While I’m here, this is as good an opportunity as any to ask: just how useful are some of these features in zim? I’d imagine self driving, adaptive cruise control, sign reading, lane departure and lane keep from any brand would have a headache figuring out our traffic patterns, road conditions, outright missing road markings and defaced signage.

    1. Defaced signage 😂😂😂thats very true some of the tech really doesn’t work in our Country.Ma road lines hatina in some areas,ma port holes hobho inoswera ichingo beeper mota yacho nema warning sounds.

  2. South Africans this is a NO- Go
    Rather spend your money on a reliable vehicle. The GWM is a disgrace, tech is not working but GWM is good with excuses

  3. South Africans this is a NO- Go
    Rather spend your money on a reliable vehicle. The GWM is a disgrace, tech is not working but GWM is good with excuses

  4. South Africans this is a NO- Go
    Rather spend your money on a reliable vehicle. The GWM is a disgrace, tech is not working but GWM is good with excuses

  5. Saw a review of this car on the YouTube channel and it was given a very good review. It made really want one. For the price and it seems worth it brand new the tech is what really what has me intrigued. Sure u can get a used GD6 for the price of new P Series but u will be just like anyone else
    Why not be different plus this vehicle is huge it has presence. Zimoco get the paperwork ready.

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