Liquid offering unlimited domestic voice calls for a flat fee via OneVoice for Operator Connect

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It was late in 2021 when Liquid Intelligent Technologies launched OneVoice for Operator Connect. Liquid is Microsoft’s only distributor for that product in Africa and launched in six markets to start with, Zimbabwe being one of those.

OneVoice for Operator Connect integrates traditional telephony calling within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. With Teams becoming an indispensable tool post-Covid as remote working of some kind became a mainstay, what was missing from that environment was voice calling in the manner that we were used to.

That’s what OneVoice for Operator Connect brings to the table. It “automates Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN) calling to the Microsoft Teams platform, providing Liquid Intelligent Technologies customers centralised access and control of traditional voice calling on their current Microsoft 365 suite.”

If you’re already using Microsoft services, getting this new service is a no-brainer. The OneVoice for Cloud PBX component of the product means employees won’t even be tied to a location to use the telephone service. Employees can be assigned numbers which they can take with them wherever they go.

Cost-wise, these solutions reduce the need to invest in devices, exchange equipment, IT department time etc. Employees can use their own devices, proper Bring Your Own Device this. And you know what, they will have those devices with them wherever they go, so they can be productive literally anywhere.

Liquid on why you should get OneVoice for Operator Connect

“Better cost accountability for businesses.

The offering gives businesses better control over voice minutes as the Client’s IT departments will have unprecedented access to monitoring and managing calls according to their needs. Liquid Intelligent Technologies offers a flat-rate calling for domestic plans and competitive rates for international plans that will give customers greater budget management for their calls.

Additionally, Liquid will manage the service on the back end for its clients.

Customers’ IT departments need not concern themselves with the service’s administration as Liquid will provide a fully operational service team to assist with set up and maintenance. This will reduce the client’s time and effort spent internally administrating the service. Thus, businesses can focus on being viable and productive, and their IT departments’ can repurpose resources to identify revenue generation streams for their organisations, among other areas to explore.”

Unlimited domestic calls for a flat fee

You may have missed that. Liquid is saying you won’t ever have to dread an end of month invoice. Your telephone bill will be set in stone regardless of actual usage. If you have ever had to prepare a budget I’m sure you appreciate how big of a deal this is.

Two months of Microsoft 365 free

Liquid came with the goodies bad. Munyaradzi Choto, Liquid Zimbabwe’s Executive Head of Cloud and Cybersecurity announced that they will be offering two months of Microsoft 365 for Business for free with the purchase of an annual plan.

This means a business taking advantage of this offer would only pay for 10 months and get the service for a full year.

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  1. Sir Tech

    Nothing new, just a bunch of hot air

  2. Liquid

    As usual, all talk nothing new. Why should one by from Liquid when you can go on & buy directly from Microsoft? All these and more are available from MS website

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