Stranger Things season 4 wracked up 1 billion watch hours, could it save Netflix’s subscriber slump?

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Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things is now the most popular English language Netflix series according to a report by the Hollywood Reporter. The show which had its finale over the weekend wracked up 1.15 billion hours of view time in its first 28 days on the platform. This puts it second to the hit Korean show Squid Game, which is the only other show to attract more than a billion watch hours (1.65 billion hours in the first 28 days).

The last two episodes really put the series over the edge, the first seven were watched for a total of 930.32 million hours. And the final two episodes pushed it over the edge with just under 221 million hours.

All of this isn’t all too surprising because Stranger Things is one of the better Netflix Originals. The world’s biggest streaming service hasn’t really done well with its own shows, many of them are pretty forgettable aside from the excellent (in my opinion) Castlevania, Ozark, The Witcher, Mindhunters, Narcos and The Queen’s Gambit.

Stranger Things hit the nostalgia bug for the 80s and 90s babies about a world of adventure without the internet. Moreover, season 4 was pretty good, particularly the finale which was basically a movie with a run time of 140 minutes and left very little unsaid.

But it is yet to be seen if Stranger Things can reverse the 200,000 subscriber loss that Netflix suffered in the first quarter of this year. But with the show being so close to Squid Game, it’s probably likely that it might have had a similar (but diminished) impact on Netflix’s subscriber count.

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  1. Late Epiphany

    I wonder how permanent most of those lost subs are Vs them just being streaming nomads. I heard enough people on YouTube talking about hoping from service to service just for the showd they want instead of getting billed by 4+ different services every month

  2. Blue 💙

    Stranger things season 4 was the worst season of them all. It is full of lollygagging,and it also no longer makes sense. If the government got involved in season 2 3,, armies and stuff, l expected a war between USA and Russia. Secondly this dream walker creature sucks, they have lost their purpose

  3. Luinuze

    While the release of a highly anticipated season like Stranger Things can certainly attract a large audience and potentially boost subscriber engagement, it’s important to consider that Netflix’s subscriber immaculate grid numbers are influenced by a multitude of factors. These factors include competition from other streaming platforms, the availability of diverse content, pricing, marketing strategies, and overall market trends.

  4. Jacob1991

    I still don’t understand why Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers? What was the reason? Was it because Harper Zilmer Tweeted something negative about Netflix and Stranger Things back then?

  5. huret

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  6. jetisno

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