Tecno Camon 19 5G in the studio for review

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The freshly announced Tecno Camon 19 5G which was launched in New York in the USA is in the building. This phone is a sequel to the Camon 18 series where the Camon 18 Premier really was the best overall smartphone for 2021 on Techzim.

It’s not the big boy Camon 19 though. This one sits between the Camon 19 and the Camon 19 Pro with some decent specs. A Mediatek Dimensity 810 chip with 5G support, 8GB of RAM that can be expanded to 11GB with memory fusion, 120Hz IPS LCD display, a very capable 64MP camera, and a 5000mAh battery.

These are all some pretty exciting specs on a smartphone that has a much cleaner and elegant-looking design regardless of it being plastic. It’s got thin bezels as well and this makes the 6.95 inch screen fit in a compact and manageable footprint.

The pricing for Zimbabwe is not yet available for the Camon 19 5G but we can estimate it to be retailing between US$250 and US$300. Right now we are in the middle of the full review so keep a lookout for it here on Techzim. We are definitely going to test its metal.

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  1. Juju

    How much is the Cannon 19

  2. DK

    With its screen size, is this not a tablet?

    1. Fab Phablet

      Its got those extra tall aspect ratio screens, so it will be similar to handling something like a nokia 7.2 (6.3 inch screen) except you have to reach a little farther for the top.

      1. The Empress

        In the review please explain more about what this memory fusion thing is all about…. I have never heard of it nd I’m curious

  3. 529kbps

    Thanks for the article, please do a thoroughly researched article about Econet 5G Speeds in Zim

  4. 2434

    Battery test a thorough one
    Plus the last one I saw the android skin was littered with ads…please let us know if this has been corrected

  5. Just Me

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    Just Me(Alias);

  6. @blesinx

    Techno phones they have lots of bloatware thats one thing that i hate about them and they offer lots if advertisement on their UI that are not personalised if they can removed it. Then i may buy the phone. If youre on wifi ut will download games on your phone without your knowledge. If they remove it its a good mid range phone.

    1. Fab Phablet

      Interesting! Stuff like this is what makes the US release particularly relevant. The big hope is that they come up with an OS with minimal junk and longer support for the Americans that everyone else can then benefit from. Let’s wait and see what TZ find! This is the first time I’ve noticed a pre-review hype article so I’m expecting great things!!

  7. _____

    Still waiting for the review…

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