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TelOne increasing prices for ZW$ data bundles

TelOne internet bundles packages prices

TelOne has announced that it will be increasing prices for its data ZW$ bundles as of 11 July 2022. It is worth noting that TelOne does not increase its prices too frequently but when they do it’s a heavy jump from the previous ones. Let’s look at the data prices.

Data prices: Old vs New

PackageDownload CapOld ZW$ priceNew ZW$ price
Home Basic10GB14992413
Home Basic Night20GB20503301
Home Extra15GB16492655
Home Plus30GB33005313
Home Plus Night60GB42006762
Home Premier60GB62009982
Home Premier Night120GB730011753
Home Surfer100GB1050016905
Home Boost200GB1650026565
Infinity Pro500GB2200035420
Blaze Light8GB13492172
Blaze Xtra15GB20983379
Blaze Boost20GB26984344
Blaze Ultra40GB43476998
Blaze Trailblazer100GB930014973
Blaze SupernovaUnlimited1850029785
Infinity SupremeUncapped3200051520
Intense ExtraUncapped4400070840

The USD bundles still remain unchanged for those that are wondering. If you are also wondering why the internet keeps getting expensive in Zimbabwe you can click here or watch the video below.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

18 thoughts on “TelOne increasing prices for ZW$ data bundles

  1. This is Stockholm syndrome, from continued exposure to high data costs, a person now believes data should be expensive. It’s far being cheap and you will find subscribers still maintaining their current package instead of upgrading.

  2. Problem is that sometimes when a fault occurs, it takes ages to rectify.
    Reason mostly is due to cable thefts/vandalism.I still stick to Telone though

    1. How can one access internet without using telecommunication services…..I have been trying to find the definition of data, and I only read that data is the right to browse web pages. So how can I code or develop data for personal use or to offer the community for free because this game of profiteering is gonna kill us one day.. I always have people in mind, I think as a country if we get free internet we will become better through exposure. There are many skills and opportunities that we can get online (YouTube is now loaded with educational tutorials) and some of the things found there are not taught in school. Having internet access should be a basic need for us all not a want or luxurious good.

      If there is someone willing to start a decentralised project that can offer free internet, calls, messages I am willing to help in developing.
      Junior Python dev here.

  3. Internet is generally pricey in Zim and unfortunately, some see it as a status symbol hence it being “cheap” to some kuratidza kuti Mari vanobata. Truth is if you leave Zim, and I travel a lot. The only Internet ine price yemu Zim is airplane WiFi. Most countries even have very affordable Internet access AND free access to Ana Facebook, a couple of communication apps and so on. In Zim that’s still a huge challenge as most businesses have 2 main challenges. 1. Being used to super profits. 2. The fast declining value of the ZWL.

  4. I blve thse bundles a still cheap, I usually bought econet’s 8gig PW bundle, bt bcoz of e black market rate, I’ve upgraded to 25gig PW.

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