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Itel Home. From smartphones to blenders

You may know Itel as a smartphone brand with a reputation for selling really affordable smartphones with proper entry-level specs and one huge battery. And you would be right. But that’s not the full story. Itel makes quite a lot of products. Let me introduce you to Itel Home.


They have an offering of standard TVs that make use of HDMI ports or older component input as sources for video. The interesting bit is their smart TVs which come in 2 flavors. Sort of smart TVs and proper smart TVs

Cast-Ready TVs

You have cast-ready TVs that allow you to beam photos and videos to the TV wirelessly. So not very smart in terms of being able to download apps or support Google Assistant but it’s a step up from just a plain old tv. In terms of ports, you get 2xHDMI ports, 1xUHF port, 1×3.5mm audio out, and 1xUSB port.

The display panel itself is a 32-inch LCD panel of HD resolution or 1366×768. Brightness levels are decent and so are the color reproduction and viewing angles. It’s a very usable TV from what I saw in the brief moments I had with it in store.

Android TVs

For a more smarter experience, they have a 32-inch and 43-inch version with Android TV built in. They have 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage and as a plus, a few more ports. 2xHDMI ports, 1xUHF, 1xDigital TV input, 3.5mm audio out, 2 USB ports, and an ethernet port to give them some internet.

The remote for the TV is now Bluetooth with a built-in microphone to pick up voice commands for Google Assistant and the display itself is again a very nice panel with great viewing angles, good brightness, and vivid color. It looks to be the same LCD HD panel used on the slightly less smart tv we talked about before.

Interesting accessories

Also, this is a side quest but they have these really clever wireless buds that have a built-in FM receiver. I say they are clever because you can use them with your phone via Bluetooth but also they can work standalone in FM radio mode.

The band itself will operate as the antenna for the FM receiver embedded in the bulk of it so if you do want to go out for a jog whilst listening to your favorite DJ, these are perfect.

More Itel products

Beyond home entertainment products, they also do other home appliances including irons, kettles, blenders, and fans. And all these products have really reasonable prices due to the fact that they are really basic in terms of features and the build material. Very fuss-free approach.

So I’ll answer the questions no one asked. Yes, you can have an Itel-themed home composed of Itel products. From your smartphone and laptop to your fan and juicer for the summer season, we are entering now.

It’s Itel going with an interesting philosophy of giving you just the key features you need in a product and a result driving the price low. A case of them making cheap products good. Would you buy a 170-dollar Itel smart tv? Let me know in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “Itel Home. From smartphones to blenders

  1. How much for a 43″ smart TV? As long as you don’t get shadows like you do with other less expensive tvs from China. Some parts of the screen are less brighter than other parts of the screen.

    1. I have been using Chinese TVs for ages. Never saw these shadows. Stick with brands like Keson, Mi TV and Ecco and you will never have a problem. Here is something people don’t seem to realise, most panels on these TVs are made by Samsung and are basically the same LED panels on the more expensive TVs.
      P.S Never ever buy a Smart TV from China. Just buy a normal TV and hook up a TV Box to it.

        1. Sounds like failed/failing backlight LEDs. I guess as long as it doesnt have any local dimming zones, there are guys who can install new led’s. Question is if it will be more economical to just buy a new set.

  2. I bought the 43inch Itel Android TV. No issues with Netflix or YouTube. For the price I paid the picture quality is okay I suppose.

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