Joina City working on being Zimbabwe’s first shopping mall to open 24 hours a day

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The times are pretty convenient. We have the holiday season upon us and we always have last-minute shoppers so this could be that one place where you might be able to get a last-minute Christmas gift. This is of course subject to the retailers within the mall keeping their doors open. In their Facebook post, they also hinted that from the 25th of November 2022 they would be open till 11 pm as a trial run to see the response. November 25th is also going to be black Friday and they anticipate that will bring extra business to the mall.

Please be advised:
To Our Valued Stakeholders

In a move to increase your sales, we would like to encourage all tenants to participate in
extended shopping hours for the mall. Our target is for Joina City to be the first 24-hour
operating mall in Zimbabwe. We currently have tenants who are operating through the night
in the Office Tower, and we would like our retail section to participate too.

For a start we will open the Mall until 2200hrs effective 25″ November 2022, and we are
ready to adjust the times as per your recommendations.

Should you have any suggestions kindly get in touch with Sharon on 0772 634 844 or Salome
on 0772 522 388.


Joina City Facebook page

The night shift

Apart from us shoppers potentially benefiting from this, Joina City is not just merely a shopping mall. In fact, a big section of the building is dedicated to offices than it is to retail stores and restaurants. There are companies like Zimworks and YouPro that offer their services globally and with the issues of timezones, some shifts start late in the night and may last through till morning. Employees of such businesses can have some leeway to do a bit of shopping during these extended operating hours.

What I think will be curious to see is how many tenants on the mall end will stay open 24 hours or even till the 11pm trial run that will begin on Black Friday. Without these extending their operating hours the objective Joina wants to push may fall apart. The holiday season might make it work to a degree but beyond that, well, we shall see.

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  1. D.K.

    There is also need to take the security of shoppers, shops and staff. Considering that the few police details are inside their offices, with no cars or bicycles, and do not carry out patrols of the CBD at night, that noble idea may just fall by the wayside. For 24 hour shopping, maybe in 45 years at the new city at Mt. Hampden, if it comes into being.

    1. Anonymous

      …need to take the security of ………. into consideration.


    @Anonymous get out of my mind bro!!When l first came across the article my mind automatically directed itself to the security issue.Practically speaking what will happen to the regular till operator in fast food chain who will have to knock off at 11AM,does not have a personal car and happen to stay in Chitungiwa???Has the surge in Armed robberies put into consideration.

    1. Dusk Till Dawn

      No doubt, security is an issue, but none of the businesses HAVE to switch to extended operating hours. If they do decide to do so, they will have to take their staffs security and transport into consideration. I think that’s something the big chains can easily manage by re-tasking some of their fleet. Worst comes to worst, Joina could convert some vacant space into lounges where staff can wait for daytime on their companies dime, but that is a terrible solution that introduces even more potential problems🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Anonymous

    I’m ok with businesses opening 24 hours, especially the banking and retail… supermarkets etc… But, who is that person who is going to be shopping at 2am? Especially considering that we hardly have any residential buildings close to Joina

    1. Nocturnal Adaptation

      Back in the day when Athienitis Spar tried this, it was a nice convenience. If you lived close enough it was like having an infinite pantry. Only took advantage of it once though! Like you pointed out, they had the benefit of being surrounded by plenty of residences within a few minutes walk and, uhh, the other late night retail specialists of the avenues and their clients.
      I might be remembering wrong but I think it came to an end after a robbery

  4. Vic

    Good way to go as an economy at some stage. The banking sector has to retail till 2200hrs to achieve 24hr economy…

  5. The Last Don

    What kind of banking will be done at those odd hours? What happened to ATMs? Will that be clean money which has to be deposited late into the night? I it’s preposterous to suggest that banks open late for deposits. It’s both absurd and ridiculous for anyone to think of visiting a bank to make a deposit that late. Retail stores can open late but as far as I understand the Zimbabwean economy and set up we have no normal night life. After 8pm there’s not much human movement even kombis will be scarce.
    One can cater for the whole city if need be.

  6. Jorge burjhi

    The m you very mach wi all wai in joina city because is sufficient reflection place for the business and in joina good for the life joina city TECHZIM wi all wai good like

  7. Jorge burjhi

    Yes wi love THANK you have good day WIT joina city so properly in assurance
    WIT good business and shopping
    By marketing’s WIT more for doing
    Joina city wi prosper in large

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