Paynow, the B2B and B2C payments platform celebrating 8 years. Announces USSD code *828#

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Paynow has been around for a while now and their business is all around facilitating payments. The service they offer came about to solve 2 big problems. Allowing small businesses to have access to one platform with as many payment options as possible. This then leads to solving the second payment problem on the customer side which is being able to pay a business using the most convenient payment method they have available.

Essentially for the small business, Paynow will provide integration to as many payment methods as the business wishes to have which are mobile money and banks. Outside of making these payment integrations for small businesses, they also are an alternative platform to use to pay for airtime, wifi bundles, and utility bills like ZESA and council rates.

8 years later

On their 8th-year celebration, they also took the opportunity to launch a USSD service *828#. This is just an alternative platform to access their services. Also, a nice touch is how their homepage now splits B2C and B2B landing pages.

We perceive our job and our purpose to lubricate the system and remove friction for two of the most important stakeholders right at the end of the chain. The consumer and the merchant.

To this end, by being empathetic to the stakeholders at the very end of the chain, and promoting interoperability, we have now 40 000 e-commerce merchants from every sector of the economy who trust Paynow as their payments and e-commerce partner.

On the other end, we have over a million unique customers that have transacted on the Paynow platform from the time it started operating.

Vusi Ndebele – Paynow MD speech

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  1. Anonymous

    WONDERFUL platform! Thank you.

  2. Andrew

    I used to use them before. System works but alas moving money from account to ecocash becomes expensive.its cheaper to just swipe. Also when the vender fails to produce the pin for whatever reason money is refunded minus the bank charges. Save money by going in person but their fault just the regulations

    1. Pedza

      Their refunds include bank charges. I received one on Ecocash this morning after Econet failed to recharge my bundle.

  3. Wait

    Every in Zimbabwe one has to do some research if one wants to avoid buyer’s remorse and to keep up with the whims of government regulations and taxes one has to try to keep updated all the times. What a burden government places on Zimbabweans!

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