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2 biggest reasons why you NEED a Microsoft account

How many of you are using a Windows computer with an ‘Activate Windows’ watermark at the bottom right corner? How many of you have downloaded or used a cocktail of cracks and hacks to try and remove it with no luck? The risk you are putting yourself and your precious data in installing these tools that usually don’t succeed in doing the job. What if I told you that all that is absolutely unnecessary? There is a safe, legal, FREE, and simple way of doing this.

Free, Safe, Simple Windows Activation

Windows gives every human being on this planet a free Windows license. It’s called a Digital Licence which comes attached to your Microsoft account. So whenever you have a personal computer, you can sign in using your Microsoft account. Doing so will automatically activate your Windows with this Digital Licence and you don’t even have to pay a cent. The only catch is that this Digital Licence only works on the Home edition of Windows. Other editions of Windows will require you to pay for the license key.

We have been hearing the words AI and ChatGPT everywhere this year. Those that have experienced this AI have been praising it quite a bit. Essentially this app does a good job of being an assistant. it can write content, suggest meal plan ideas, and even do your homework! It’s been so popular that OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, resorted to creating a subscription package for the service as a way of managing the demand. Their servers were now getting overwhelmed.

Access to ChatGPT with no fees or location restrictions

As amazing as it is, it is not available in many parts of the world including Zimbabwe. So the best way to use the service was through the many startups that developed their own platforms to use the service like OyOs bot and Kubot. But these ways of accessing the AI service are paid services which is a bit of a friction point to accessing the service.

Microsoft’s Bing gave a pretty cool solution to that. They implemented ChatGPT in the Bing search engine allowing there to be a chat service within the Edge Browser or the Bing mobile browser powered by ChatGPT’s AI. And this service is not only free since it’s part of the browser but available everywhere in the world, unlike ChatGPT.

To get early access to it you need to have a Microsoft account. And if you want to get access to it faster you need to also have Edge as your default browser and have the Bing mobile browser installed on your mobile phone and signed in using your Microsoft account. Currently, there is a Microsoft Edge update being pushed out that will make this chat service available to everyone.

Also, side quest, Bing’s mobile browser is actually very good visually. It’s much more of an occasion than other mobile browsers I have used to the point where I am actually using it as my default browser on my phone. Anyway, that’s it. the 2 biggest reasons why everyone needs a Microsoft account.

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7 thoughts on “2 biggest reasons why you NEED a Microsoft account

  1. Me: Ko nhai Bing, what do I sacrifice to go from unregistered windows pro with local account to an online Microsoft account activated windows home?

    Bing: When you switch from an unregistered Windows Pro with a local account to an online Microsoft account activated Windows Home, you will lose the features that come with Windows Pro. Windows Pro has more features than Windows Home, such as BitLocker, Remote Desktop, and Hyper-V. You will also lose the ability to use the features that come with a local account, such as the ability to use the computer without an internet connection. However, you will gain the features that come with an online Microsoft account, such as the ability to sync your settings across devices and the ability to use Microsoft’s cloud services

  2. Can you pliz do a topic of websites you access freely even without bundles or airtime on our network providers net one.telecel and buddie examples techzim and pindula on buddie

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