Liquid Home (Zol) service outage in some areas in Harare

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Liquid Home users, you now know the deal. Yet another day, yet another service disruption. At this point, we can conclude that that’s what you signed up for.

Liquid Home has issued the following notice:

Important Notice: Internet Service Disruption

Please note that we are currently experiencing a service outage which is affecting GPON customers in Avondale, Strathaven, Belevedere, Mt Pleasant, Belgravia and surrounding areas. Please be advised technicians are on-site working to rectify this. We apologise for any inconvenience cause.

Start time: 13:42hrs

Resolution time: TBA

The GPON mentioned there is Gigabit Passive Optical Network.

This time around my neighbourhood was spared. The frequency of these disruptions is starting to get out of hand.


What’s your take?

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  1. Arun

    It sure is getting out of hand. Woti hauna zesa hauna network 😣

  2. BaNyasha

    Zol (liquid tech) yakandigura kunorira. Bought their line in mutare and asked them will they relocate service and they said yes. Came to bindura and they said my area has no network, yet other lines are working. Then they said no, we can only register you if one of the lines registered in that area stops working. Imajeni. When zol works, it works well. Asi kana zvadhakwa, haaaaaa kuto knocker chaiko.

    1. Czar

      Liquid Telecom (Zol) lines are geo-locked, thus if you move away from your registered location the line won’t work

  3. Terraria

    The area I subscribed to has stopped working

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