Register for the Zim Blockchain Forum, the theme is ‘fintech key in attaining Vision 2030’

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There is going to be a Zimbabwe Blockchain Forum on the 25th of March 2023. The event, being hosted by the Internet Society Zimbabwe Chapter, will be under the theme, ‘Fintech key in attaining Vision 2030.’

It will be hosted at the Bronte Garden Hotel at 132 Baines Avenue, Cnr Simon Muzenda Street, Harare.

ISOCZ says there are limited spaces available and so you may want to register right away if this sounds good to you. You can register by filling out this form.

You may recall that Vision 2030 is the Zimbabwe government’s aspiration “Towards a Prosperous & Empowered Upper Middle Income Society by 2030.”

What you may have forgotten is that Zimbabwe is already a middle-income economy, albeit a lower-middle-income economy. Personally, I think we can reach upper middle-income status by 2030 because it really isn’t hard to meet that criterion.

However, I don’t think we, the average people, will feel like there’s any improvement. If we’re being honest, if what we have right now is what a middle-income country feels like then it’s really not a big deal. If you were to ask, many would assume Zimbabwe is a low-income economy.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t at least try to get our Gross National Product up. We should. At the Zimbabwe Blockchain Forum, the discussion will be on how fintech will be key in attaining Vision 2030, even if the vision is not that hard to accomplish.

We have reached out to the Internet Society to get more details about the Forum and will update this article once we get answers. For now, I guess all there is to know is that the forum is happening and it will be on how fintech will change Zimbabwe’s fortunes.

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  1. Farai J Nhire.

    I believe all these positive attributes about Zimbabwean economy are very inaccurate. The majority of citizens have no economy to talk about. Widespread unemployment, high cost of living, high inflation, unfunctioninal industries, rampant corruption , food insecurity, dilapidated health sector and so forth are what characterises Zimbabwean economy at the moment. Let us fight hard to resolve these crucial issues and then we can reasonably begin to debate whether we have attained to whatever economic class status.

  2. Tom

    I think that it must be a very interesting forum! Fintech is a great sphere and it is developing every day. Such companies as Finamp help us to develop it and make our every new day more easier and comfortable

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