EcoCash USD debit card 2.0. It does online payments now

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This seems like the trend with EcoCash. First, offer USD accounts. Then add some Virtual Card Numbers for online payments and drop a cherry on top with the physical debit card. You can get one from any Econet shop and be sure not to forget the US$5 for the card. If you are feeling a bit of some Deja Vu, you would be forgiven. Last year EcoCash released a USD debit card and the difference between that one and the one they launched now is that this one can now do online payments.

It’s more secure

Something that is not really talked about when it comes to cards that transact online is how secure they are online. EcoCash is bringing in 3D Secure to this shiny new card which is essentially a 2-factor authentication for online payments. So on some websites, payment will only be processed after you have entered a unique password or code into an authentication window that pops up on your screen. This password or code is sent to you via SMS the same way you would get a code when registering your WhatsApp account on a new device.

Charges and limits

In terms of transaction charges, it is using the same ones that apply to the EcoCash Virtual Mastercard. The limits are as follows. US$5,000 maximum transaction value, US$5,000 daily limit, and US$10,000 Monthly limit. The EcoCash VCN is for the time being still available, with its biggest utility being just making one-time online payments for subscription services if you are just trying something out and not yet looking to commit.

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    You seem to have left out the actual transaction charge amount, or percentage.

    1. Edwin Chabuka
      1. Ploy

        Thanks for the info

      2. BaNyasha

        From that link it seems you really need to create vcn for online payments, sadly. Which means for aliexpress its the same as the old way, which caries a 50c processing fee plus some extra charge. It never gets easier. Kkkkkk

  2. Ruangwe

    Can’t withdraw from deriv using Mastercard

    1. Edwin Chabuka

      Deriv may have blocked Zimbabwean issued cards. I know Skrill did that

  3. Thanos

    Are you sure it doesn’t need first creat Virtual numbers for online payments?????

    1. Edwin Chabuka

      Lol, if it requires a VCN then it is the exact same card as the one they launched last year. Which seems unlikely

  4. XCLR8OR

    Cool , very cool…

  5. Lindsay

    Hmm, interesting. Is Ecocash ever going to have a card which actually works outside the country? As in actually withdrawing from cashpoints in other countries. That should be the next level.

    1. sg

      the card can work outside zim

  6. Lazarus Mungayi

    Great deal

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